Shane Riordan apologized for his language on Thursday's show.

GOSSIP & RUMORS: 670 The Score producer sorry for ‘sex’ dig aimed at rival

670 The Score producer Shane Riordan has apologized for the incident in which he told a rival host, “I’ll have sex with your mother,” amid an on-air spat.

Riordan executive produces the afternoon drive show hosted by Danny Parkins and Matt Spiegel.

Last week, Riordan and conservative talk host Dan Proft were sparring on Twitter and their respective radio shows, taking potshots at each other and bickering generally about whether Chicago deserves a reputation for having high violent crime or if it’s unfairly smeared in the media, after FS1 host Jason McIntyre had made a remark comparing the city to Afghanistan.

Eventually, Riordan escalated the situation into vulgarity.

“Dan, I’ll have sex with your mother,” Riordan said as Parkins and Spiegel laughed at the jab.

Shane Riordan apologized for his language on Thursday’s show.
670 the Score

“Dan Proft, you bring your mother over here, and I’ll bone her.”

Proft’s response included that his mother was “dearly departed.”

Riordan was off-air for four shows and returned to “Parkins & Spiegel” on Thursday, offering an apology off the top of the program.

“I feel horrible,” Riordan said, as covered by the Chicago Sun-Times. “Last week, I made an immature joke and offended a lot of people. I’m better than that. I’ve hated sitting here for the last week knowing that I made anyone feel less than. A moment on the radio show went too far, and that’s something that was caused by me.

“You’ve got no clue how bad I feel for putting you guys, my crew on the show, in a position that you had no business being in, and I’m sorry to anyone who was made to feel horrible due to a decision I made.”

Spiegel followed with a quick statement.

Warning: Graphic language

“We’ve all talked and learned a lot in the past few days,” Spiegel said. “A ton of different situations and bits of content come our way. We work really hard to be informative and entertaining, and sometimes a line is crossed. We try to help each other in those situations. There are many ways to steer conversation. I plan to work even harder to keep that kind of thing in mind.”

670 The Score is owned by Audacy, the parent company of WFAN.

“I obviously own my role in what happened,” Parkins added. “Our goal is to have fun, and I think that’s what we do the vast majority of the time. Even if a line was crossed, which it was. So I’m glad that the crew is back. And with that, we’ll get back to doing what we do, which is talking sports and having fun and doing whatever it is we do around here between 2 and 6.”

The three did not address Proft by name in the segment, and Spiegel immediately segued to talking about the Cubs game from the night before.

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