'Baywatch' star Nicole Eggert reveals more cancer has been found in her lymph nodes

GOSSIP & RUMORS: ‘Baywatch’ star Nicole Eggert reveals more cancer has been found in her lymph nodes

“Baywatch” actress Nicole Eggert revealed Thursday that more cancer has been found in her lymph nodes after her recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Per the Daily Mail, the 52-year-old “Charles in Charge” star told Inside Edition that doctors had found more disease as she undergoes treatment for a “very rare” form of breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in December.

The Post has contacted reps for Eggert for comment.

Eggert told the outlet she “kicks herself” for not regularly self-examining her breasts and reflected on the moment a mammogram and three biopsies determined she had stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer. 

“When I felt it, my heart dropped and I was like oh my god. Nobody could take me, so I walked into every breast care center. It’s horrifying because every day and every minute that passes, you know it’s growing.”

Eggert, 52, is a mother to two daughters. Amanda Edwards

“My heart dropped, I lost all hearing, everything sank. It’s named invasive cribriform carcinoma. It’s very rare,” she continued. “The self-exams, I’m telling you, I kick myself. That’s the one thing I should have been doing.”

Last week, Eggert told People that getting breast implants at the height her “Baywatch” fame made it harder for her to detect if anything was abnormal.

“It was a stupid 18-year-old decision,” Eggert, who has since undergone breast augmentations, said about going under the knife.

(Left to right) Nicole Eggert and Pamela Anderson for “Baywatch” in 1992. Courtesy Everett Collection
Eggert was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in December. Instagram/_nicole_eggert

“I look at all these younger girls doing it and think, ‘God, leave your bodies alone!’” she continued. “But when you have to put on that one-piece and it’s like, you’re so flat that it’s like, pleating — you got pleats across the front — You’re like, ‘What is this?’”

The mother of daughters Dilyn, 25, and Keegan, 12, admits she “panics” about her cancer diagnosis and worries about her kids living without her.

“[Dilyn’s] an adult, but I have a 12-year-old at home where I’m the only caregiver. I have no family. I have nothing,” she explained.

“It’s just so overwhelming, and I’m just doing everything I can not to spiral.”

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