Clients are begging I set them up with Natalie Portman: NYC matchmaker

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Clients are begging I set them up with Natalie Portman: NYC matchmaker

Natalie Portman is everybody’s dream girl, according to this love guru.

Amy Van Doran, a New York-based millionaire matchmaker, love coach and CEO of The Modern Love Club, said her clients are thirsting over Natalie Portman now that she split from Benjamin Millepied — and she got nearly 40 requests begging her to set them up.

“The ink had not even dried from her divorce papers and already, I had gotten three emails from my matchmaking clients specifically asking me to set them up with Natalie Portman,” Van Doran told The Post. “There’s something about Natalie.”

Van Doran, who helps high-profile men and women from all over the world find love — she’s joked in the past that she “won’t get out of bed for less than $75,000” — said she’s “flattered” people think that she has a direct line to Natalie.

But she doesn’t.

Van Doran said that since she’s in “the business of making dreams come true,” she crafted an Instagram story asking if anyone could introduce her to Portman.

Amy Van Doran is a New York-based millionaire matchmaker, love coach and CEO of The Modern Love Club.
“There’s something about Natalie,” Van Doran said. Getty Images

“Nobody brought me to Natalie,” she lamented, but instead she got “35 more earnest requests from men also insisting that they too should be introduced to Natalie.”

Van Doran said it’s bold of random men on the internet “to think that in the event Natalie Portman wanted to immediately date days after her divorce was finalized, they were qualified to date the woman that many consider to be not only one of the world’s most beautiful, but also elegant, talented.”

“All these men, all felt qualified to date Natalie Portman,” she added.

The Oscar-winning actress separated from her husband of over a decade last year after reports that he allegedly cheated on her. The divorce was finalized in France last month, where Millepied, 46, lives with their children. The former love birds met on the set of the 2010 film “Black Swan,” for which Millepied was Portman’s choreographer.

The Post has reached out to Portman’s reps for comment.

Van Doran said Portman is a bit of an outlier in what her clients of varying ages tell her they’re looking for in a mate, and they’d typically find someone like Natalie to be “too busy” for them to date.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied finalized their divorce this year. GC Images

“The men requesting Natalie tend to be searching for women 15 years younger and with no kids, and typically less professionally ambitious,” she said. 

“For Natalie, they are willing to overlook their typical criteria.”

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