Couple takes to TikTok to show they're alone at a resort

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Couple takes to TikTok to show they’re alone at a resort

A couple’s dream vacation at the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos in Mexico, took an unexpected turn when they discovered they had the entire resort to themselves.

Cameron, known by the TikTok handle @freedomhustler, and his wife, celebrating their baby moon, stumbled upon what started as a joke and then turned into a strange experience.

The Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, the new sister property to the next-door 5-star haven known for its “world-class service,” turned out to be more than the couple bargained for — or not enough with no one else really around.

With a TikTok video garnering nearly 7 million views, Cameron documented the surreal moments as he explored the vast, empty resort.

“At first, it started as a joke… but it feels more like an episode from ‘Black Mirror,’” he says in the video, capturing the immaculate surroundings devoid of other guests.

As the days progressed, the couple found themselves in a stunning, yet unsettling, situation.

Cameron said they only saw one older couple at dinner and a younger couple at breakfast the first day they were there. TikTok/@freedom_hustler

Cameron’s curiosity led him to investigate the sprawling resort, hoping to encounter signs of life.

Despite the impeccable outdoor settings and luxurious amenities, the couple remained the sole guests.

“Every time I think I see someone that’s not wearing a white uniform, I get excited, only to realize, no, just more contractors working on the place. Which, again, was kind of cool, until it wasn’t,” Cameron adds.

The couple was shocked to see they were the only guests. TikTok/@freedom_hustler

The adventure began innocently enough, with Cameron and his wife realizing on their first day that the resort seemed strangely vacant.

As the days unfolded, the lighthearted jokes gave way to genuine skepticism as they discovered they were the only ones participating in resort activities, enjoying lavish meals and lounging on their own private beach.

Cameron began pondering the financial logistics of maintaining such a grand establishment with seemingly no other patrons.

The Grand Velas resort is located in Los Cabos, Mexico. TikTok/@freedom_hustler

In one video snippet, he asks, “How is this place paying for all these lights? How are these fire pits being lit all day, all night for us? Who is paying for all this? This entire kingdom is just for us.”

Despite the tony accommodations, the deserted paradise left Cameron with more questions than answers.

His concerns reached a peak when he observed that even the kids’ area remained eerily vacant, with no sign of other guests anywhere.

After sharing his extraordinary experience on TikTok, viewers flooded the comments section with their theories and reactions.

The restaurants and beaches were still fully serviced despite the very low vacancy. Grand Velas Boutique Hotel
One of the oceanfront suites at the resort. Grand Velas Boutique Hotel

Some suggested time-traveling alternate realities, while others speculated that the mid-January visit, right after the holiday season, might be why they had such a private paradise.

One viewer advised Cameron to simply enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and not stress over financial matters.

“Just enjoy it, dude. You’re not the CEO, so it’s not your problem,” wrote one commenter.

When reached for comment, a representative for the resort told The Post, they are there to accommodate no matter what.

Room service at the hotel. Grand Velas Boutique Hotel
The resort offers private access to the beach. Grand Velas Boutique Hotel

“Velas Resorts operate at 100% regardless of the number of actual guests staying on property,” Melissa Wisenbaker said. “That is a staff to guest ratio of 3 to 1, versus at many other resorts that are the opposite (3 guests to every 1 staff).”

“Velas Resorts prides itself on offering the very best, not just when it comes to service, but food, accommodations, design, experiences, et al,” Wisenbaker added.

“Comparatively higher than others in the destination, our nightly rates reflect the value that one receives when visiting Velas Resorts. We don’t lower our rates just to pack people in. At present, we are limiting the number of suites available for booking at the new property until we are confident that all aspects of the resort would surpass travelers’ expectations.”

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