Daniel Snyder donates DC-area mansion for cancer research

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Daniel Snyder donates DC-area mansion for cancer research

Daniel Snyder, the billionaire who swiftly offloaded the NFL’s Washington Commanders last year, is making headlines again — but this time for a philanthropic move.

Despite struggles to find a buyer for his French-style chateau in Potomac, Maryland, recently priced at a hefty $34.9 million, Snyder has chosen to bestow it upon the American Cancer Society.

This altruistic act, deemed an “unrestricted gift,” is poised to bolster the organization’s endeavors, as stated in a recent release, first reported by Mansion Global.

“[The donation] will play a critical role in accelerating [our] mission to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families,” according to the statement.

Former Washington Commanders owners Tanya Snyder, left, and Dan Snyder. The Washington Post via Getty Images

Snyder and his wife, Tanya Snyder, former co-owner and co-CEO of the Commanders, have a longstanding partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Tanya, recognized as Mother of the Year for “exceptional community efforts” by the society in 2013, has been a beacon of hope in the cancer community since her own battle with breast cancer in 2008.

The sprawling estate, spanning approximately 15 acres, boasts a 30,000-square-foot mansion crafted in 2004.

This architectural marvel, which indeed looks plucked right out of France, is adorned with lavish amenities. Perks include a 24-foot limestone fireplace and a primary suite occupying an entire floor.

Despite its grandeur, the property has faced challenges on the market since 2023, initially listed at a staggering $49 million before being reduced to $34.9 million.

Daniel Snyder donated the mansion to the cancer research organization. Getty Images
A luxe car display area. Sean Shanahan / TTR Sotheby’s International
The primary bedroom. Sean Shanahan / TTR Sotheby’s International

The listing was recently removed, signaling Snyder’s decision to contribute it to the fight against cancer.

Snyder’s tenure with the Commanders was marked by controversy, including allegations of workplace misconduct and financial impropriety, as previously asserted by a House Panel.

The accusations entail purported failures to report ticket revenues and the retention of refundable deposits from season subscribers.

According to the committee, in 2016, the team allegedly withheld up to $5 million from 2,000 season ticket holders while also masking sharable revenue from the league.

These claims initially emerged following disclosures by Jason Friedman, a longstanding executive within the organization, who blew the whistle on what he deemed to be unethical practices.

The primary bathroom. Sean Shanahan / TTR Sotheby’s International
The library. Sean Shanahan / TTR Sotheby’s International

In the NFL, ticket revenue holds significance as it is shared among all 32 teams, with 40% allocated to a fund for visiting teams. This revenue stream forms a vital component of the league’s commitment to revenue-sharing.

The Washington team has refuted these allegations, stating, “The team categorically denies any suggestion of financial impropriety of any kind at any time.”

They emphasize adherence to rigorous internal procedures aligned with industry and accounting standards. Additionally, they highlight annual audits conducted by a reputable independent auditing firm and regular scrutiny by the NFL.

Meanwhile, Snyder’s commitment to philanthropy cannot be overlooked.

Alongside his wife, he has made significant contributions to various charitable causes, including the establishment of the Washington Commanders Charitable Foundation.

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