Inside the residence where King Charles learned his diagnosis

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Inside the residence where King Charles learned his diagnosis

Just a day after the world witnessed King Charles III’s resilient recovery from surgery, a shocking announcement shook the royal circles — the monarch had been diagnosed with cancer.

The picturesque Sandringham estate, a backdrop of royal traditions and cherished moments, became the unexpected stage for this diagnosis.

Only recently, King Charles III, exuding high spirits, joined Queen Camilla at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate. That marked the first public appearance since his hospital discharge for an enlarged prostate treatment last week.

Sandringham House, nestled in Norfolk, England, has been a refuge for the Windsors for over a century, playing host to joyous celebrations and poignant farewells.

Originally acquired in 1862 by Edward VII and his bride Alexandra of Denmark, the estate holds a special place in the hearts of the royals.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla, accompanied by The Reverend Canon Dr Paul Williams, attend the Sunday service at the Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate on Feb. 4, 2024 in Sandringham, England Getty Images
The estate photographed in 2011. Getty Images

Despite plans in the past to replace Sandringham House, the historic estate remains unchanged, serving as a silent witness to history.

Notably, King George V and King George VI both drew their final breaths within its hallowed walls.

Prince Harry, in his 2023-published memoir “Spare,” offered a glimpse into the peculiarities of Sandringham House, describing the dining room as their version of Dante’s Inferno.

This sitting room features an expansive oil painting and a woodburning fireplace.
The saloon.

The estate, apart from the subtropical dining room, has a balmy atmosphere, with the corgis acting as unwitting informants whenever an attempt was made to alleviate the stifling heat.

Prince Harry added that he or his father would sneak to open a window, but “the corgis always betrayed us. The cool air would make them whimper, and Granny would say: Is there a draft? And then a footman would promptly shut the window. (That loud thump, unavoidable because the windows were so old, always felt like the door of a jail cell being slammed.)”

Queen Elizabeth II, at her desk in the study of Sandringham House, her Norfolk home, where she marked her 30th anniversary of her accession to the throne. PA Images via Getty Images
The estate is situated on 20,000 acres. Bav Media /
The late Queen Elizabeth II cut a cake to celebrate the start of the Platinum Jubilee during a reception in the Ballroom of Sandringham House, the Queen’s Norfolk residence on Feb. 5, 2022. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

With more than 200 individuals sustaining their livelihoods through the estate, Sandringham’s commitment to recycling, conservation, and forestry is evident. The royal family actively supports local farms and small businesses.

King Charles cancer diagnosis

  • King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer less than 15 months after ascending to the throne
  • The shocking development came just a week after the 75-year-old king was discharged from the hospital following treatment for an enlarged prostate.
  • His estranged son Prince Harry will soon be traveling to the UK to see his dad
  • Prince Harry has still not spoken to Prince William on the heels of their father King Charles’ cancer diagnosis — but the shocking news could force the estranged siblings into an uneasy truce, sources say.
  • Kensington Palace did not specify when the king would be expected to return to his royal duties, as all of his public engagements have been put on pause. 

Sandringham’s history also includes a chapter known as “Sandringham time,” initiated by King Edward VII, a hunting enthusiast. Clocks were set half an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time to extend daylight hours for hunting, a practice maintained until 1936.

This home is usually reserved for entertaining during the holidays and is also where the Queen and Prince Philip spent about two months a year during the winter.

An interior of Sandringham Estate. Sandringham Estate

The late Queen Elizabeth also gave the first televised Christmas Broadcast at Sandringham.

On the estate is a cottage known as Wood Farm. Prince Philip lived at Wood Farm after his retirement from public service in 2017, and it’s where he has spent most of his time during the final years of his life.

Made from red brick, the estate sits on 20,000 acres. The house features a saloon, a drawing room, a dining room and a ballroom.  Other amenities include a gun room, a bowling alley, a library and a billiard room.

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