Renner shared this selfie on social media two days after the accident.

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Jeremy Renner heard moaning in 911 call: ‘His breath’s getting shorter’

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Jeremy Renner can be heard moaning in pain in the background of his frantic neighbor’s 911 call after the actor’s New Years Day snowplowing accident.

A panicked man told the emergency operator that the 52-year-old Marvel star had been “crushed” by a Snowcat in audio of the emergency call published by TMZ on Wednesday.

The caller explained that Renner was lying on the ground in front of his Lake Tahoe home with blood gushing from his head. The man also described blood loss and damage to Renner’s ribs, chest and torso.

“Hurry!” he urged when the operator asks for his phone number and address.

“Listen to me,” he demanded, before suggesting they dispatch a medical helicopter. “You might want to get LifeFlight out here immediately.”

Renner shared this selfie on social media two days after the accident.

On the phone call, the frantic man asked for the emergency crew’s arrival time as he said Renner’s “shallow” breaths were “getting shorter” and that he had started to “drift off” into sleep.

“Stay awake,” he told Renner, who was said to be wrapped in blankets and “conscious” but in “a lot of pain.”

A second video published by TMZ captured the responding helicopter transporting Renner to the hospital.

Renner's Snowcat plow
Renner’s Snowcat plow
Jeremey Renner

The “Hawkeye” and “Avengers” actor revealed Tuesday that he was home from the hospital for the first time since the incident, which left him in critical condition. He faced surgeries while in the ICU.

In a reply to a tweet about the Season 2 premiere of his Paramount+ show “Mayor of Kingstown,” Renner wrote: “Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home.”

Even after the accident, the actor called his Nevada home his "happy place."
Even after the accident, the actor called his Nevada home his “happy place.”
Instagram / @jeremyrenner

On Jan. 12, the actor revealed that he was feeling homesick, sharing pictures of his Nevada home to his Instagram Stories, writing: “Missing my happy place.”

Still, the “Dahmer” and “Mission: Impossible” star faces a long road to recovery from his “extensive injuries,” which it was reported were “worse than anyone knows” and could take two years to fully heal.

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