Jessica Biel shares her tricks for eating in the shower: It's 'deeply satisfying'

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Jessica Biel shares her tricks for eating in the shower: It’s ‘deeply satisfying’

Eating in the shower takes Jessica Biel to seventh heaven.

The 41-year-old actress revealed her “pro tips” for dining under the shower head in a recent TikTok that is creating lots of conversation.

“Guys, thanks for all these questions about showing eating,” Biel said the video which addressed a fan’s curiosity on the matter. “I’m just so thrilled everyone is so interested. I really want to start a movement, a shower-eating movement.”

The “Candy” star suggested eating in the shower great “for people who are multitasking” and advised viewers to utilize a “ledge” in the shower as a table.

Biel, 41, shared her “pro tips” for eating in the shower on TikTok. Instagram/@jessicabiel

“I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge, and then you do your thing. You wash your hair — keep the soap out — that’s a big deal. It’s pretty simple, guys,” she explained. “You can do this. I find it deeply satisfying.”

Biel continued, “The only tricky thing is that when you’re chewing, you got to keep your mouth closed because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.”

The mom of two — who shares sons Silas, 8, and Phineas, 2, with her husband, Justin Timberlake — joked that she feels the need to spit water because she gets “spit in the face with water all the time by my kids.”

Biel and Justin Timberlake have been married since 2012. Instagram/@jessicabiel

Before signing off, Biel summerized her tips one more time.

“Chew, do not open the mouth [and] do not let the shower water in. There you go, enjoy your shower-consuming,” Biel concluded.

Viewers sounded off in the comments on Biel’s advice, wondering if her life hack was actually just a way to spend some prolonged me-time.

“I think it’s just called hiding from your family. 😂 That’s what I call it,” one person laughed.

“I got four kids, they eat my food, I stand behind this 100 percent since it’s the only place I have privacy,” another agreed.

A third admitted, “I just hide from the kids and ‘Boyfriend’ in the bathroom. I keep snacks in the empty tampon box.”

The “7th Heaven” alum finds the practice “deeply satisfying.” Instagram/@jessicabiel
“The Sinner” actress uploaded the TikTok earlier this week. TikTok/@jessbiel

“This idea is great for us moms,” another approved.

Biel has no worries keeping it real on TikTok. Last week, she documented her delayed travel plans as her plane could not land safely due to extreme weather conditions.

Luckily, she packed some of her “favorite snacks,” including pistachios, granola bars and a tangerine.

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