Mike Francesa talks health scare while breaking down March Madness

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Mike Francesa talks health scare while breaking down March Madness

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Mike Francesa revealed he underwent a previously undisclosed medical procedure last year.

The 68-year-old WFAN legend was speaking on his BetRivers podcast Tuesday about the NCAA Tournament, and said he had a stent put as an aside while breaking down the Kansas Jayhawks.

“Bill Self just got out of the hospital [after receiving] two stents,” Francesa said.

“We don’t know what kind of shape he’s going to be in — probably OK, because they’re good with that stent now.

“I have a stent. I got a stent last year. I went into the doctor, had a blockage, they said, ‘Hey you gotta put a stent in.’ They put a stent in. I didn’t feel bad. The next day, I felt OK.”

Stents are installed when blood arteries are experiencing blockage.

Francesa spoke about what having the procedure done has meant in the aftermath for him.

Mike Francesa revealed that he had a stent installed last year.
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“You gotta take some medication after that. You gotta stay on blood thinner,” Francesa said.

“You’ve got to watch what you eat, which I should’ve done years ago. But the bottom line is medicine’s great these days, so hopefully Bill’s OK.”

Self, 60, is expected to be back on Kansas’ bench for March Madness after missing the Big 12 tournament.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Francesa said the Jets need to indulge Aaron Rodgers’ general “self-centered” behavior because he is an all-time talent with fuel left in the tank.

Bill Self had a stent put in and missed the Big 12 Tournament.
Bill Self had a stent put in and missed the Big 12 Tournament.
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Francesa liked the idea, broached by Joe Namath on WFAN’s “Tiki & Tierney” earlier this year, of Rodgers wearing the legendary quarterback’s long-retired No. 12 for Gang Green.

Francesa also spoke about Rick Pitino, who is a plausible candidate for the head coaching jobs at St. John’s, Georgetown and Texas Tech.

The host said he’s known Pitino for 40 years, but hasn’t talked to the basketball coach recently, and didn’t know which way he’d be leaning.

Nevertheless, Francesa opined that if it came down to money, Texas Tech would have an upper hand over St. John’s, and that he wasn’t certain where Georgetown stood on that spectrum.

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