NBC News to drop ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel after Rachel Maddow, 'Morning Joe' revolt

GOSSIP & RUMORS: NBC News to drop ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel after Rachel Maddow, ‘Morning Joe’ revolt

NBC News plans to drop former Republican National Committee boss Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor after network stars including MSNBC primetime headliner Rachel Maddow and the co-hosts of “Morning Joe” blasted the decision to bring the Trump-backing politico on board.

The network has not made an announcement, but one is pending, according to Puck News. The Post has sought comment from NBC and McDaniel.

NBC News is reportedly planning to drop ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor. AP

McDaniel is reportedly looking to hire a lawyer, according to Puck News.

Maddow, MSNBC’s most bankable name, said on her Monday show that hiring McDaniel was “inexplicable” and demanded that executives “reverse their decision.”

“The fact that Ms. McDaniel is on the payroll at NBC News, to me that is inexplicable,” Maddow said during Monday’s broadcast of her weekly primetime show.

Maddow went on to bash McDaniel as “someone who hasn’t just attacked us as journalists, but someone who is part of an ongoing project to get rid of our system of government.”

“You wouldn’t hire a made man like a mobster to work at a DA’s office, right? You wouldn’t hire a pickpocket to work as a TSA screener,” Maddow concluded.

Earlier Monday, Joe Scarborough and his wife, Mika Brzezinski, who co-host MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” pledged on the air that they would not invite McDaniel to their program, calling her an “anti-democracy election denier.”

The decision to hire McDaniel sparked anger due to her backing of former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC star Rachel Maddow on Monday blasted her network’s bosses for the decision to hire McDaniel. MSNBC/YouTube

Last month, Trump’s campaign fired McDaniel and dozens of other RNC officials and replaced them with people perceived as more loyal to the presumptive GOP nominee.

The former president reportedly soured on McDaniel because she would not enthusiastically endorse his claim that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

McDaniel’s name is mentioned in the Justice Department’s indictment of Trump related to his role in the alleged fake elector scheme.

“Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough (right) and Mika Brzezinski pledged not to have McDaniel on their air. NBC News

After the 2020 election, Trump and his allies in several states allegedly sought to create a slate of fraudulent electors who would falsely claim that the 45th president had won the Electoral College votes in those states.

According to federal prosecutors, Trump and an ally, attorney John Eastman, sought McDaniel’s help in furthering the alleged scheme.

The 45-page indictment handed down by special counsel Jack Smith found that McDaniel was misled.

Trump and Eastman “falsely represented to [McDaniel] that such electors’ votes would be used only if ongoing litigation in one of those states changed the results in [Trump’s] favor.”

McDaniel gave an interview to “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker on Sunday in which he acknowledged that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election “fair and square.”

The interview was taped weeks before it was announced that McDaniel would be joining NBC News.

Welker provided an on-air disclaimer on Sunday informing viewers that she had no knowledge of McDaniel’s hiring at the time she conducted the interview.

McDaniel and other RNC officials were fired by pro-Trump operatives last month. The former president reportedly soured on McDaniel after she would not enthusiastically endorse his claims about the 2020 election. AP

Chuck Todd, Welker’s predecessor, appeared during a separate segment of “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

In the panel discussion, Todd hit out at NBC News management for putting Welker in an awkward position.

Joy Reid and Jen Psaki of MSNBC echoed the criticisms aired by Todd, Maddow, Scarborough and Brzezinski.

Earlier on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal and Variety reported that NBC News executives were meeting to discuss what to do with McDaniel in the face of public opposition from network stars.

According to the Journal, McDaniel was hired by NBC News editorial chief Rebecca Blumenstein.

The decision to bring McDanial aboard was backed by Carrie Budoff Brown, who heads political coverage at NBC News, the Journal reported.

Rashida Jones, the head of MSNBC, reportedly backed the decision to hire McDaniel, but in the face of the uproar among her stable of stars she let it be known that they would not be required to have her on their shows.

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