Pat Sajak jokes Vanna White can 'maybe' host 'Wheel of Fortune' next season when he retires

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Pat Sajak jokes Vanna White can ‘maybe’ host ‘Wheel of Fortune’ next season when he retires

Would Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever switch roles on “Wheel of Fortune?”

The legendary duo discussed switching roles as host and letter-turner at the end of Monday’s episode of the beloved game show.

After showing viewers a look at the German version of the program, “Glücksrad,” Sajak who is retiring from “Wheel” later this year, told White, “They do something interesting actually.”

“The host and the hostess decide who’s going to be at the puzzle board and who is going to be at the wheel,” Sajak, 77, said.

“And then they switch in the middle?” White, 66, interjected.

“We should try that,” he quipped. “Maybe next season.”

Sajak’s joke comes after White allegedly entered into tense contract negotiations over the summer as some fans wondered if she would be promoted to host upon Sajak’s departure.

Pat Sajack will retire from “Wheel of Fortune” later this year. ABC

Alas, Ryan Seacrest was tapped to take his place and White claimed that rumors about her salary dispute were “blown out of proportion.”

“It was because people just have rumors,” she told People in October. “Everything is so blown out of proportion, not just with my stuff, with everybody’s stuff.”

White, who has been a “Wheel” staple since 1982, added that she is “a strong person” and won’t be doing “anything I don’t want to do or that I don’t believe in.”

“My mother taught me that at a young age, and I’m sticking to my guns,” she said.

White will remain on the show as the letter-turner. ABC
Sajak and White have appeared together on “Wheel” for over 40 years. Tim Wright / MEGA

In December, Seacrest expressed his excitement about hosting the show during an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

“I’m beyond excited. I mean, Pat Sajak is a legend. No one can replace him,” he admitted before continuing to gush over White.

“Vanna White, she’s become a dear friend. I’m so much looking forward to being onstage with her. And I love the show and giving away cash and prizes every single night in America’s living rooms is the greatest job.”

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