Sharon Stone went on date with convicted felon: '20,000 heroin injections'

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Sharon Stone went on date with convicted felon: ‘20,000 heroin injections’

Sharon Stone has to watch her back when it comes to online dating.

In a new interview with the UK’s the Times, she recalled meeting a former prisoner and “a heroin addict” who was “clearly 20,000 heroin injections later than the picture” that he sent her.

The Oscar-nominated star had a date with the alleged druggie at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.

“I tell the waiter, ‘I’ll have a glass of water.’ He had a cocktail: absinthe or something. And I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t stay,’” she recalled.

Despite the negative experience, she did make lasting connections, having two virtual relationships during portions of the pandemic.

The “Basic Instinct” actress, 65, felt like a “therapist,” with some men who opened up to her about their issues.

Stone was married twice before and is a mother to three kids. Instagram/sharonstone

“One whose wife told him she wanted a divorce and they had two little kids. He was struggling to process it,” she said.

“And [the other] had broken up with his girlfriend. She had gotten pregnant and instead of marrying, she got an abortion,” Stone continued. “He was still very much in love with her and I helped him process it. It was really rewarding for both of us. I don’t know how to explain it.”

But she isn’t giving up hope this year. Stone gushed that 2024 is “the year that I want to fall in love — 100%.”

When describing her ideal boyfriend, the “Catwoman” actress said she “doesn’t look for anything” specific.

She noted that one person she met online had been in prison and another was “a heroin addict.” FilmMagic

“I’ve never looked for anything. Because I don’t think that’s what happens,” she explained.

“You’re standing somewhere, someone walks up and starts talking to you and you turn around and think, ‘What?’ And the next thing you know, two years have gone by.”

The mother of three added: “You don’t look for a list and then your list arrives. That’s what people do who don’t have relationships. So that they can comfort themselves with the fact that they don’t have a relationship and feel that they’re actively making an effort toward that happening in their lives.”

The “Basic Instinct” star is hoping to fall in love in 2024. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Stone is mom to Ronan, Laird and Quinn. She was married to television producer Michael Greenburg and news editor Phil Bronstein.

Last year, her longtime pal Andie MacDowell divulged on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” that Stone has been giving her dating tips.

“I did have Sharon Stone reach out to me to tell me that she’s on Raya,” the “Four Weddings and a Funeral” actress, also 65, joked. “Raya, that’s the one I’m going to do. She said she met two gay guys on there and that was all that she got from Raya!”

“But it sounds kind of fun anyway. That could be fun,” MacDowell guffawed.

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