Single women own more homes than single men in the US

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Single women own more homes than single men in the US

These days, the deed is done — and it’s even signed by unmarried ladies more than unmarried gents.

When it comes to homeownership among singles in America, women are continuing to outpace men, new research has found. 

According to an analysis of the most recent US Census Bureau data published last month by the business platform LendingTree, single women are more likely than their male counterparts to own their homes in all but three states. 

By the numbers, this boils down to 2.71 million more homes owned by single women than men. Across the nation, single women own 10.95 million homes, a good deal more than the 8.24 million owned by single guys. 

Overall, this equates to solo ladies possessing 12.93% of America’s housing stock over the 10.22% owned by the relationship-free fellas. 

How is this the case, when the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that median weekly earnings among women are only 83% of those of men? 

The gender gap in single homeowners has increased since 2021. Getty Images/iStockphoto
A graph from LendingTree’s most recent report highlighting states with the highest rate of single-female homeowners. LendingTree
A graph highlighting states with the largest share of single-male homeowners. LendingTree
A graph highlighting the states with the largest gender gap among single homeowners. LendingTree

“Though it’s relatively sparse, there’s evidence that single women are more willing than single men to make sacrifices to become homeowners,” LendingTree suggests in the report.

It adds that since “women typically live longer and are more likely to report being widowed than men, it’s likely that some women who are now single homeowners bought that home with the spouse they outlived. This helps to explain why single-women homeowners are typically older than their single-men counterparts, even though the pay gap is wider for older Americans.”

Not only is this gendered trend not new, but the female lead has also gone up by 70,000 homes since 2021, according to LendingTree. 

The pattern is most significant in Delaware, where single women own 15.34% of households. 

Next up is Louisiana, which boasts 15.19% single female-homeownership, then Mississippi with 14.84%. 

Although they don’t outpace single women there, single men in New Mexico have the highest rate of homeownership 12.85%. 

Only in Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota do single men boast a higher share of homes than single women.

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