Lorenz accused Radford (above) of "mishandling" a segment on cyberbullying earlier this year.

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Taylor Lorenz slams MSNBC’s Morgan Radford over ‘abuse’ segment

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Taylor Lorenz lashed out at MSNBC correspondent Morgan Radford for “mishandling” a segment from earlier this year in which the Washington Post’s internet reporter broke down in tears while describing “abuse” and “harassment” she has received from critics online.

“No bigger regret in my career than making the mistake of thinking @MorganRadford knew how to accurately report on abuse/ harassment,” Lorenz tweeted on Tuesday.

“Her complete mishandling of the story has led to immense fallout and months of abuse. I cannot warn women loudly enough to stay away from her/MSNBC.”

Lorenz added: “She produced an insane garbage segment months ago that misgendered a colleague (then refused to immediately correct it) lied about my harassment campaign, completely misrepresented what I said and how I’ve handled 2 straight years of relentless abuse. Never apologized or fixed it.”

Lorenz went on to accuse Radford of “throwing a colleague under the bus, especially one that purports to advocate for the marginalized communities.”

Lorenz accused Radford (above) of “mishandling” a segment on cyberbullying earlier this year.
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“It’s a reminder that cable news will always, above all else, exploit people for cheap views,” Lorenz tweeted.

“They fundamentally do not care.”

Lorenz urged “women journalists” to “NOT trust anyone in the media to tell your story or report on harassment accurately, especially TV news people.”

Lorenz unleashed a tweetstorm early on Tuesday morning taking aim at Radford and MSNBC.
Lorenz unleashed a tweetstorm early on Tuesday morning taking aim at Radford and MSNBC.
Twitter/Taylor Lorenz

“They do not care about u or getting it right,” according to Lorenz.

The Post has sought comment from Lorenz, Radfordand MSNBC.

In April, Lorenz blasted MSNBC after the Comcast-owned cable news channel interviewed her for a segment on the impact of cyberbullying.

During the interview, a tearful Lorenz described suffering from “severe PTSD” while “contemplating suicide” after she received a deluge of negative messages.

Lorenz urged "women journalists" to "not trust" TV news people to "accurately" report on harassment and cyberbullying.
Lorenz urged “women journalists” to “not trust” TV news people to “accurately” report on harassment and cyberbullying.
Twitter/Taylor Lorenz

The MSNBC segment cited a New York University study which found that online criticism of Lorenz surged after she had been criticized by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Glenn Greenwald and Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson.

Days after the segment aired, Lorenz was furious at MSNBC for reaching out to Greenwald and Carlson seeking comment. She said that the cable network “f–ked up royally” and “should learn how to cover these things properly before ever talking about them again.”

Lorenz said that she received even more online vitriol as a result of the MSNBC interview.

Lorenz, the internet culture reporter for The Washington Post, is no stranger to controversy.
Lorenz, the internet culture reporter for The Washington Post, is no stranger to controversy.
Facebook / Taylor Lorenz

In the segment, Lorenz was interviewed alongside Kate Sosin, a transgender reporter who covers LGBTQ issues for The 19th News.

Sosin accused MSNBC of misgendering them by identifying them as a woman. The criticism from Lorenz and Sosin apparently prompted MSNBC to remove the original segment from its official YouTube channel.

Lorenz is no stranger to controversy. Last year, Lorenz and her then-employer, The New York Times, were sued by influencer talent agent Ariadna Jacob for defamation.

It is unclear what Radford did to prompt Lorenz to criticize her on Tuesday.
Lorenz accused Radford of “producing an insane garbage segment” that “misgendered a colleague.”
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Jacob alleges that Lorenz’s report about her “contained numerous false and disparaging statements,” including an accusation that Jacob leaked nude images of one of her clients to “manipulate him.” The Times has denied any wrongdoing.

Earlier this year, Lorenz was criticized by Greenwald and Carlson have she errantly reported that Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen used the “r-word” during a private chat on the members-only app Clubhouse.

In April, Lorenz and the Washington Post were accused of “doxxing” the anonymous woman behind the controversial “Libs of TikTok” account.

In May, Lorenz walked back claims that she was “relentlessly” harassed by an editor at the Drudge Report.

In June, the Washington Post attached corrections to an article by Lorenz about social media influencers who used their platforms to cover the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard civil trial.

The original version of Lorenz’s story stated that two YouTube creators — Alyte Mazeika and another user who goes by the name “ThatUmbrellaGuy” — were contacted for comment before publication.

But the two influencers went on social media and claimed that they were never contacted by Lorenz. The reporter only reached out to them after the fact, according to the influencers.

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