Terry Bradshaw sells Oklahoma ranch following cancer battles

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Terry Bradshaw sells Oklahoma ranch following cancer battles

Terry Bradshaw — the iconic NFL Hall of Famer and Fox Sports analyst — has bid farewell to his sprawling 744-acre ranch, marking the end of an era following years of health challenges.

The transaction was facilitated by Icon Global Group, a renowned Dallas-based firm, which officially disclosed the sale in a news release last week.

Nestled about an hour north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the ranch stands proudly across the Red River, in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Initially listed at a substantial $22.5 million, the final sale price was not disclosed.

The four-time Super Bowl winner, 75, took the decisive step to list the property in September 2022, a period coinciding with his quiet battles against bladder and skin cancer.

The main residence of Terry Bradshaw’s former estate comprises six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.
Icon Global
The great room is pictured.
Icon Global
The kitchen and breakfast area.
Icon Global
The family room.
Icon Global
The pool and spa.
Icon Global

“People are saying that I’m sick and I’m dying, okay, so let’s put that rumor to rest. I am not sick, I am not dying as I sit here and do this interview with you,” Bradshaw adamantly asserted during a Facebook Live session in October 2022 from his new down-sized residence in Saint Jo, Texas.

The retired Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback went on to candidly detail his health challenges, including a lung issue stemming from surgery and subsequent asthma exacerbated by environmental conditions in Los Angeles.

Amid these struggles, Bradshaw decided to part ways with the custom-built ranch, a property that has been a cherished haven for himself and his family for more than two decades.

The estate boasts an 8,600-square-foot luxury home, scenic views of the Red River, paved roads, fishing lakes, a stable, an arena, and various equine facilities.

The show barn.
Icon Global
The 12-stallion barn.
Icon Global
The premier ranch consists of 744 acres of land.
Icon Global
The property boasts eight small lakes.
Icon Global
It also comes with a 2,600-square-foot manager’s house and a four-bedroom bunkhouse.
Icon Global

The new stewards of Bradshaw’s legacy are Chad and Tiffany Beus, owners of Red River Equine, a prominent horse breeding company.

The Beuses, along with Billy and Suzzone Franks, have embarked on an ownership venture with plans to transform the ranch into a “premier breeding, training, and sales preparation facility.”

Chad Beus emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition, stating, “This is important to our clientele and to the expansion requirements of our business.

“The large size of the ranch with its already established infrastructure and first-class facilities of the long-standing Bradshaw operation was a perfect platform from which to not only launch our operations but importantly to build upon, improve, and diversify.”

Bradshaw, pictured here in February 2023, revealed his private cancer battles last year.

Bradshaw called his decision to sell his longtime ranch “a long and winding road.”

“Along the way, we have been presented with and considered many great offers, opportunities, and proposals,” he said in the release.

“However, between my own schedule, the TV series, my family’s changing needs, our horse and cattle business, as well as many other commitments, neither timing nor opportunity was ever on our side or completely aligned.”

Bradshaw added that he and his wife, Tammy, didn’t want to sell the ranch “until we found our perfect sunset opportunity to do what we enjoy on a smaller scale … and we found that.”

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