This TikTok creator has found a loophole to the cutthroat real estate market -- by living in a literal shed.

GOSSIP & RUMORS: This woman lives rent-free in a backyard shed

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For Aniah Warne, home away from home is literally steps away from her parents’ house. 

That’s because the 21-year-old lives in a shack in her parents’ Boise, Idaho garden. 

Warne went viral on TikTok for her cozy setup, which includes a spacious bedroom, a closet and a mini fridge — but no bathroom or kitchen.

For those amenities, she must trek through her family’s lush yard and into the main house. 

“What do I do about a bathroom or a kitchen?” Warne said in a follow-up video to the initial viral tour of her shed, answering one of many viewers’ questions after the clip garnered 1.5 million views. “Well I walk, like, 10 feet inside and right as you walk in there’s the bathroom there’s the kitchen.” 

This TikTok creator has found a loophole to the cutthroat real estate market — by living in a literal shed.

Beyond those two necessities, though, her wee outbuilding is more or less equipped: In addition to her bed, there’s also a desk, a TV, “a cute little chair,” plenty of plants and shelving, a mini fridge, a mirror and a nightstand “with essentials.”

There are also two entrances, as Warne has both the side door she generally uses as well as a wall that opens up, bringing fresh air and sunlight into her space. 

In addition to the cooking and bathing facilities, viewers were also fascinated as to whether bugs were a big issue, with an entire wall of the space apparently often being totally open to the elements. 

aniah warne boise shed
Warne has two shed entrances: A side door and this wall that opens up.

aniah warne boise shed
Inside Warne’s shed.

aniah warne boise shed
For a kitchen and bathroom, she ventures to the main house.

“Bugs aren’t bad,” Warne clarified in a response. “Especially when the doors are shut.”

She’s used to nature, anyway, having grown up in it. 

“I actually lived in the mountains for all my childhood pretty much on like 24 acres of property so I got my experience with that, I work on a mountain right now and this is my backyard,” she said in yet another video

As for controlling the temperature, her shed is equipped with both air conditioning and heat. 

“I love my rent free shed,” Warne wrote in a video caption. 

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