Tucson, Arizona's famous Bottle House is on the market for $432,500

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Tucson, Arizona’s famous Bottle House is on the market for $432,500

If these walls could talk, they’d keep it bottled up. 

A one-of-a-kind Arizona property built from glass bottles — doubling as a work of art — has hit the market for $432,500. 

The Tucson home dates back to the 1960s, when a couple named Theodore and Meletis Bryson, inspired by the ruins of ancient human societies, decided to construct a carport built of refuse that would blend with its desert surrounds. 

That was just the beginning — the Brysons went on to build an entire custom house out of bottles and rock, collected over the course of years, Coldwell Banker Realty agent Holly Greenhalgh, who holds the listing, told The Post. 

“Ted Bryson feels a kinship with the engineer who designed and built the massive stone pyramids of Egypt,” a news outlet stated back at the time the couple first built the house.

“The ancient builders had no fancy tools and neither did Ted Bryson, who longed to visit the pyramids and the ruins of the Mayan and Incan civilizations in Central and South America,” a reporter said.  

The property is set on an over 110,000 square foot lot. Jason Marrano
The workshop. Jason Marrano
Jason Marrano
In all there are three bathrooms. Jason Marrano
The kitchen. Jason Marrano
There is also a guest cottage on the property. Jason Marrano
The property is listed as a three-bedroom. Jason Marrano
The home is a single story and has 2,700 square feet. Jason Marrano
There is built-in furniture throughout. Jason Marrano
The abode was built to blend with its desert surrounds. Jason Marrano
The residence was completed in 1968. Jason Marrano

Bryson, who went on to sell the locally-famous property in the 1980s, has since passed away — although not before visiting the aforementioned ruins, as he’d long dreamed.

Now, his art piece of a homestead is looking for a new caretaker. 

Highlights of the bespoke abode include a hidden room above a reading alcove (now closed off, Greenhalgh noted), two accessible reading alcoves, a wood-beamed ceiling, arched passageways, concrete and flagstone flooring, built-in concrete furniture and a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,700 square feet. 

There is also a guest cottage, adjacent to which there is an outdoor kitchen and workshop, boasting a full-size, custom cement-cast pool table. 

The bottles in the walls, the listing notes, are nestled between stones, casting a colorful glow throughout.

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