Would you pay $34K for this foldable Amazon house?

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Would you pay $34K for this foldable Amazon house?

This tiny house isn’t just itty bitty — it also folds up. 

Among the myriad offerings for basically anything on Amazon, one of the more surprising is a “portable prefabricated tiny home” priced at $34,999.

The unique, 380-square-foot structure boasts an “expandable” steel frame, thermal insulation — and sufficient space to be divided into two bedrooms, one living room, a bathroom and a kitchen, according to its product page

The home, with the brand name Zolyndo, comes in three options. A 13-by-20-foot structure with a bathroom costs $19,999, while a 15-by-20-foot one sets you back $22,999. The $34,999 build is bigger, and comes with a restroom. This being Amazon, it’s available to ship within four to five days.

Although the tiny house movement has become mainstream in recent years, the fact that prefab houses are for sale via retailers such as Home Depot is still unique — and the concept of one that folds outs is even more distinctive. The Amazon product page notes the homes have drywall anchors and holes for screws for installation — and that the unfolding process is “simple.”

Unboxing the house. TikTok/@unspeakk
The home fully unfolded. TikTok/@unspeakk
The Amazon listing suggests the home would make a good hotel, booth or office. Amazon

A group of social media creators recently tested the functionality of the concept by purchasing one such foldable abode from Amazon and uploading their review to their TikTok, Survive and Thrive Co. — where it has accrued more than 11,000 likes and 237,000 views. 

“I bought a house on Amazon,” reads the text over a clip of men cutting open an enormous Amazon box and then exploring the shipping container-like residence it contains. 

“There’s a whole bathroom,” comments one user, exploring the compact bathroom, which appears to have arrived with water hooked up. 

Inside an unfolded Amazon home. Amazon
The bathroom in an Amazon foldable home. Amazon
A digital rendering showing the layout of a foldable home available on Amazon. Amazon

Electrical outlets, however, do not come included, they discover after unfolding the house to its full size. (That bit alone is mentioned on the product’s Amazon page.)

“Bro this thing is so easy to build,” they comment on the setup. “You literally just unfold it.” 

Viewers were both impressed and concerned about the shippable living situation. 

“That house will close on me like a deck of cards,” commented one TikTok user.

“But how well would it do in different weather and how is insulation?” wondered another.

The most liked commenter, meanwhile, reflected not on the structural integrity of the domicile — but how ridiculous it might be if someone were to get kicked out of the space in a rage. 

“Not me getting kicked out of somebody’s foldable house, and kicking a wall back in when I left,” they wrote.

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