More NYC landlords tout 'fun' office amenities despite vacancy uptick

MONEY & BUSINESS: More NYC landlords tout ‘fun’ office amenities despite vacancy uptick

The fun-factor train keeps on chugging along at the city’s premier office buildings as landlords struggle to arrest an alarming increase in vacancies, which now top 20% overall.

The Post reported last week that landlords have introduced unprecedented numbers and varieties of amenities that are exclusively for tenants’ use — a strong inducement both for luring companies to their properties and encouraging employees to quit their WFH habit and return to the office.

Now comes word of even more of them.

There’s a 300-seat “town hall” space that doubles as a “social stair” overlooking a West 33rd Street plaza at Vornado’s redeveloped Penn 2; a plush breakfast room for employees at Brookfield’s 22 Vanderbilt; and fifteen (count ‘em, 15) golf simulators at former New York Post owner Peter Kalikow’s 101 Park Ave.

An auditorium-like “Social Stair” can also be used for conferences.
Employees at 101 Park Ave. can hone their green skills at the building’s Five Iron Golf facility.

Athletic facilities are much in demand these days — we noted last week that the Seagram Building’s subterranean Playground for example has basketball and pickleball courts and even a rock-climbing wall.

What’s next? Indoor ski slopes?  

A cozy private library called The Perch is available for tenants only.

Interestingly, many of the most elaborate fun facilities are in buildings that are anything but starved for tenants. 

For example, 101 Park Ave. is 97% leased to an array of financial tenants and 1 World Trade Center, which has a 64th-floor wellness and athletic center, is more than 95% leased to Condé Nast and others.

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