Pizza Hut offering 'Goodbye Pies’ to help couples break up for Valentine's Day

MONEY & BUSINESS: Pizza Hut offering ‘Goodbye Pies’ to help couples break up for Valentine’s Day

Need to passive-aggressively dump your significant other before Valentine’s Day? Pizza Hut has you covered.

On Tuesday — known as “Red Tuesday” for its popularity as a date for couples to split a week before Valentine’s Day — the restaurant chain kicked off a heartbreak-inducing promotion offered to customers in select cities.

Through February 14, lovers in New York, Chicago and Miami can order a “Goodbye Pie” and have it sent to their soon-to-be-exes.

The “delivery driver will deliver the bad news in the best way,” the website states.

Customers can send Pizza Hut’s new hot honey pizza in a custom box with a space for a brief, personal message and space on the box for the sender’s name.

“The rising popularity of the sweet-heat flavor profile has led to Hot Honey becoming the most requested test item by our team members and we are thrilled to have it as the newest addition to our menu,” Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut, said in a statement

Pizza Hut is offering the breakup pies at select locations. Pizza Hut
The promotion lasts from Tuesday through Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

“With the launch of Goodbye Pies, we are bringing that perfect blend of sweet and heat experience to real life, delivering spicy news in the sweetest way for Valentine’s Day,” she added.

Pizza Hut is also offering a limited number of gift cards that can be sent to future exes with a note from its “excuse generator.”

“I want a partner who likes long walks and cuddling and giving me kisses and now that I’m saying that I think I’m just describing a dog,” one option reads in red cursive writing.

“I’m moving to the forest to start a new family amongst the squirrels,” another one read.

Another quips, “I’m just not ready to share a bathroom with you.”

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