Trump's Super PAC's Biden-Mart shows increased grocery bills

MONEY & BUSINESS: Trump’s Super PAC’s Biden-Mart shows increased grocery bills

Donald Trump’s official Super PAC has launched a new website dubbed “Biden-Mart” that lets users compare Trump-era grocery prices to current costs under Joe Biden’s administration., published by the Make America Great Again Inc. PAC, features an interactive grocery checklist that encourages users to “check off the items…to compile your weekly grocery list and see how much more expensive your bill has become under Joe Biden.”

There are over two dozen common food staples to choose from, including coffee, dairy products and a variety of different fruits and vegetables, the Daily Mail earlier reported.

Donald Trump’s official Make America Great Again Inc. PAC launched on Friday.

The Post clicked off a grocery list of items to see the impact Bidenomics has had over the last four years.

A two-pound bag of apples, two pounds of ground beef, seven lemons, one gallon of milk and one pound of sugar and coffee each totaled $30.07 — a whopping 57.11% increase from the $19.14 it cost during the Trump administration

Biden-Mart uses data from the United States Department of Agriculture data to compare the prices from January 2021 — when Trump left office — with January 2024.

“Putting food on the table has become harder than ever thanks to ‘Bidenomics,’” the website touts. “As costs for everyday items continue to rise, American families are struggling more and more to foot the bill.”

Overall, grocery prices have surged 25% in the past four years, outpacing inflation’s 19% rise over the same time period, The Washington Post reported least month.

The latest Consumer Price Index reading rose a higher-than-expected 3.2% in February, following a stiff 3.1% advance in January.

, which tells users that “putting food on the table has become harder than ever thanks to ‘Bidenomics.’”

Even as inflation ran rampant last year, Biden spun the numbers as good news for his Bidenomics agenda that has consistently claimed to “reduce the [government’s] deficit” despite Treasury Department data showing the red ink has doubled in 2023from about $1 trillion to $2 trillion.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is set to release March’s inflation figures on April 10.

Consumer prices have not fallen year-over-year since President Joe Biden’s term began in January 2021.

The closest the economy has gotten to a yearly decrease since Biden took office was in July 2022, when the inflation rate remain “unchanged,” at a sky-high 8.5%.

Earlier this month, Trump clinched the 2024 Republican nomination for president, eclipsing the 1,215 delegate threshold after wins in the Georgia, Mississippi and Washington state primaries. REUTERS

Trump — who clinched the 2024 Republican nomination for president — has cited inflation and the larger US economy as one of the top issues voters are considering going into the November election.

“People are going through hell,” he said when speaking on consumer prices during an interview with CNBC earlier this month.

“The middle class in our country has been routed and the middle class largely built our country and they have been treated very, very badly with policy.”

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