3 'little rascals' arrested for robbing Wells Fargo bank: FBI

NEWS: 3 ‘little rascals’ arrested for robbing Wells Fargo bank: FBI

A trio of tiny bank robbers dubbed the “little rascals” were arrested by the FBI Tuesday for allegedly robbing a Wells Fargo in Houston.

The three boys, ages 11, 12 and 16, were charged with robbery by threat, the FBI’s Field Office in Houston said.

“Because they are juveniles, their names and no additional details will be released,” the bureau wrote in a post on X.

The robbery happened at a Wells Fargo in Houston. Google maps

Images of the three baby-faced suspects were blasted out following the robbery last Thursday.

All three were wearing hoodies and didn’t look old enough to drive or catch an R-rated movie.

Witnesses described the bank robbers as being between 14 and 18 years old, the FBI said last week.

The FBI branded the group of boys as the “little rascals” when calling attention to the case, reminiscent of the 1994 cinema classic “The Little Rascals,” in which there’s friction among a group of young boys because one of them, Alfalfa, likes a girl.

A couple social media users made light of the knee-high heist.

“Sentencing will be 1 year no tv and a 3 page essay on why robbery is bad,” one user quipped.

“Lol the houston crime rings are certainly unique,” another joked. 

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