Arizona man John Fischer & dog attacked by 1,000 killer bees

NEWS: Arizona man John Fischer & dog attacked by 1,000 killer bees

Distressing video captures the moment a disabled Arizona man and his dog were attacked and badly hurt by a swarm of killer bees as he was riding his wheelchair exercise bike.

John Fischer, 60, and his pooch Pippin were out for some exercise in their Florence neighborhood Saturday evening when about 1,000 bees overwhelmed them, Arizona Family reported.

Surveillance footage published by the outlet shows Fischer – who lost a leg to infection about eight years ago – trying to crawl on the ground while using his shirt to shield him from the buzzing insects.

Fischer said he sustained over 250 stingers in his body in the harrowing attack, which left him with stings on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and back – as well scrapes from crawling on the ground after his wheelchair overturned.

“I crawled my way for a period of time to try to get far away from where they were, but they, of course, just followed me,” Fischer told Arizona Family.

John Fischer, 60, a disabled Arizona resident, and his dog Pippin were attacked by a swarm of hundreds of killer bees while he was out on his exercise wheelchair bike.

Fisher seen on video crawling on ground
Fischer, who only has one leg, was caught on video trying to flee from the bees by crawling on the ground.

First responders even had to initially retreat after the bees also began attacking them, but Fischer was finally hosed down by rescuers and rushed to a hospital, where he was given morphine for the pain and had the stingers removed from his badly bruised body.

Pippin was stung over 50 times and was taken to an animal hospital in critical condition.

“I have never experienced anything like this before. I had been stung many times before but nothing where it was more than 10 or 15 stings,” he told Arizona Family.

“There was a part of me that wanted to freak out, and there was a part of me that wanted to panic. And I knew, from past experience, that’s where you’ll lose it. And you’re no longer in control. That’s where you run into more danger,” Fischer said.

Fischer shows sting marks
“I have never experienced anything like this before. I had been stung many times before but nothing where it was more than 10 or 15 stings,” he said.

Injured pooch Pippin
Pippin was stung over 50 times and remained in critical condition at an animal hospital.

He said he was pedaling his chair with his hands with Pippin in tow when he felt what he thought was a fly and swatted it away.

“Next thing I know, there were bees all over me and all over the dog,” Fischer told the outlet. “I tried to get across the street, but I can’t see ’cause they’re going towards my eyes, and they’re all over my face.”

He managed to release Pippin, who was also getting attacked, and he ran away to a neighbor’s house, but Fischer’s wheelchair overturned during the relentless attack.

Fischer shows his amputated leg
Fischer lost one leg to an infection about eight years ago.

Fischer shows scraped knee
He suffered scrapes on his knee after crawling on the ground to escape from the bees.

Explaining Pippin’s injuries, he addded: “He’s sick. We’re trying to get him to drink. He is very sore, and what I can see is he’s pretty lethargic. We’re also giving him Benadryl, so that’s going to knock him out,” Fischer said.

He launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for his dog’s care.

“Unlike me, he is allergic to bee stings,” Fischer wrote about his canine companion, who he said was in critical condition due to the toxins.

“We don’t have all the details at this time, but hospitalization for at least a few more days is going to happen. He is back in the danger zone,” he added.

Fischer said he was grateful to the Florence firefighters who rushed to help him – and expressed his relief that his daughter wasn’t with him that night as she is also allergic to bees.

As a final act of revenge against his attackers, he used his chair to run over a live bee that fell out of his bag.

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