Biden needs makeover, including 'cooler haircut': A-list stylist

NEWS: Biden needs makeover, including ‘cooler haircut’: A-list stylist

President Joe Biden desperately needs a head-to-toe makeover to try to overcome a damning special counsel’s report accusing him of having “significant limitations” and of being too senile to be prosecuted for possession of classified documents, a celeb stylist told The Post.

As frantic Democrats continue to flood the White House with advice on how to make Biden look more youthful – with some pushing for better make-up and cheap lighting tricks – Sara Alviti, a New York- and Los-Angeles-based stylist and beauty consultant, believes she has the solution.

She offered tips Saturday on how the 81-year-old commander-in-chief can at least spruce up his style, including:

  • Switching to slimmer-cut trousers and blazers with a wide label, and trying “fun ties” that create “pocket square combinations.”
  • Occasionally sporting jeans, Brunello Cucinelli baseball caps that fetch for $950 and edgy leather jackets.
  • Showing up at events in stylish sneakers from Tom Ford or Zegna that run up to $990 and $1,390, respectively.
  • Dropping the Ray-Ban Aviators he’s said he’s worn since his teenage years and slapping on a pair of “better sunglasses,” by Persol instead.

President Joe Biden needs a complete makeover to overcome a damning special counsel’s report accusing him of being senile, according to a celebrity stylist. REUTERS

Alviti – whose past Hollywood clients include Adrian Grenier, Barbra Streisand and Catherine O’Hara – also believes Biden can look more youthful by using retinol and Vitamin C serums, CBD oil cream and peptide creams that “can help reduce sun damage and fine lines.”

She also urged he invest in regular facials and a “cooler haircut — shorter, sexier.”

Sara Alvit
Sara Alviti, a celebrity stylist, said Biden needs a “shorter, sexier” and “cooler haircut,” Instagram/@saraalviti

Her other clients include two former U.S. ambassadors: Ken Howery, who served in Sweden during the Trump administration; and Alexa Lange Wesner, ambassador to Austria for ex-President Barack Obama.

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