Dogs rips 'chunks' out of wheelchair-bound man in caught-on-tape attack

NEWS: Dogs rips ‘chunks’ out of wheelchair-bound man in caught-on-tape attack

A Florida wheelchair-bound man was torn apart by a pair of dogs in a vicious attack that left witnesses helpless to stop the animals from biting “chunks” out of the victim.

Sickening footage obtained by WPLG and partially blurred out shows the two dogs taking turns biting the man, known as Smoky in the Florida City neighborhood, as he lay on the ground with his wheelchair upended last Wednesday.

The severely injured victim, who one neighbor said is homeless, was unmercifully pulled around as nearby drivers furiously honked their horns in hopes of scaring the canines off, the footage shows.

At one point a commercial truck driver was seen continuously blowing his horn right next to the scene to no avail.

One witness told the station the disabled man was getting “chunks” ripped from him while neighbors also threw items at the dogs in an attempt to stop them.

Two dogs are seen attacking the homeless man in a wheelchair. Local10

“The dogs would not get off this man,” he said. “That concrete trunk has a loud horn and it didn’t work.”

Smoky was taken to the hospital and needed arm surgeries.

The dogs, whose names are Boo-boo and Jumpety, lived on a nearby property, neighbors told the local outlet.

The homeless victim was pulled around as passer-by repeatedly honked their horns in hopes of scaring the dogs off. Local10

While their owner was currently in jail, others were watching the dogs before they got through the home’s fence, the station reported.

Another neighbor told WSVN when she heard sirens blaring, she thought it was a car crash.

“When I looked, he was laying on the ground, arm was hanging like this,” she said. “The dog was full of blood, he was full of blood.”

The dogs are now in custody and the homeless man was taken to the hospital for arm surgeries. local10

Miami-Dade County Animal Control said the dogs are in its custody. The organization has not determined yet whether the violent pooches will be euthanized, according to reports.

Boo-boo is typically better behaved while Jumpety is known to display aggressive behavior, residents previously told WPLG.

“Jumpety, the black one, he jumps over the fence. He literally can jump over the fence,” a neighbor told the station. “I was very amazed and surprised by that. I think he’s very dangerous because he did attack another person before.”

Meanwhile, residents described Smoky as a lovable presence in the neighborhood.

“Smoky is an excellent guy,” neighbor John Oz reportedly said. “He is homeless, but he’s got people that support him.”

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