Efruz the surfing Jack Russell terrier

NEWS: Efruz the surfing Jack Russell terrier

Efruz the Jack Russell terrier is one salty dog.

The 4-year-old pup has become a local celebrity in a Peru beach town — where he spends his days surfing.

Rocking a bright yellow vest, the four-legged water enthusiast is often seen expertly balancing himself on the front of a board, having a tail-wagging good time as waves foam around him and his human surf buddy.

“He loves the sea,” said his owner, Mauro Canella, a surfing instructor at the beach in San Bartolo, about 30 miles from the capital of Lima.

Canella said he and Efruz became surfing buddies about a year ago.

And they are not the only dog-human duo riding the waves there — a dozen or more can be seen during a weekend.

Efruz, a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, loves to surf with his owner in Peru. AP
Mauro Canella, a surfing instructor at the beach in San Bartolo, introduced Efruz to surfing a year ago. AP

Although Efruz gets cold as the hours go by, he appears to enjoy his new sport, firmly positioning himself at the front of the board while Canella glides across the ocean standing up, kneeling or lying flat.

As with all surfers — human as well as canine — Efruz sometimes can’t contain the waves and gets thrown into the water.

Dressed in his yellow vest, Efruz plants himself at the front of the surfboard. AP

But Efruz, dressed in his signature yellow vest, just it shakes off, his owner said.

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