Martin brought an assault weapon and ammunition from Philadelphia to New York.

NEWS: FDNY firefighter pleads to watered-down weapons charges

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The veteran FDNY firefighter who was arrested last year for bringing an assault weapon, ammunition and ghost gun parts from Philadelphia to the Big Apple has pleaded guilty to felony weapon charges in Queens and Nassau County — but won’t see any jail time.

Aaron B. Martin, a veteran Bravest with elite Rescue 4 in Queens, pleaded guilty last month to heavily hosed down charges — a pair of E felonies, the lowest level: one count of criminal possession of a firearm and one count of attempted criminal possession of an ammo clip.

Under twin deals in Nassau and Queens counties, he will be sentenced to five years on probation. He was originally charged with 21 counts of violent-level felonies and faced up to 90 years in prison.

“Based on the defendant’s years of service as an FDNY firefighter, his lack of a criminal record, and his cooperation in providing information about the additional firearms in his home,” Nassau County DA Anne T. Donnelly agreed to the plea deal, said spokeswoman Nicole Turso.

Martin brought an assault weapon and ammunition from Philadelphia to New York last year.

Donnelly had boasted about Martin’s arrest in a press release last March on her creation of a new unit to investigate gun running in Nassau County.

Her office refused to explain why Martin stockpiled the weapons.

“Our investigation did not show that Martin attempted to or intended to sell the weapons in his possession,” Turso said. “Beyond that we decline to comment.”

Martin, 48, was busted last February after investigators tailed him to the “Oaks Extravaganza” gun show in Philadelphia, where they watched him buy assault weapons, ammunition and “ghost gun” parts and bring them into New York.

Days later, six assault weapons, multiple gun parts and more ammo turned up when Nassau County investigators executed a search warrant at Martin’s home in Baldwin, Long Island, records show.

The firefighter, who also served as a chief on the Roosevelt, LI, volunteer fire department, gave no explanation when making his guilty plea –simply saying “yes” when the judge asked if he knowingly possessed a firearm and “yes” that it was operable.

Martin, who made $192,000 last fiscal year — including $100,000 in overtime — did not return to the firehouse after his Feb. 13 arrest but “worked in an administrative capacity” on payroll, FDNY spokesman Jim Long said.

He retired on Nov. 22 after 15 years with the FDNY and can collect his pension in five years, Long said.

He plans to accept a “job offer” in Texas, his lawyer told the court.

Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Phil Solages said he’d OK the out-of-state move if Martin provides a letter confirming the job. Sentencing is set for Jan. 30.

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