Florida private school expels kids over mom's OnlyFans career

NEWS: Florida private school expels kids over mom’s OnlyFans career

A Florida Christian school expelled two of its students this week after their porn star mother refused to take a decal sticker promoting her OnlyFans page off the back of her car.

Michelle Cline, who works under the alias Piper Fawn, was previously banned from bringing the vehicle onto Liberty Christian Preparatory School’s campus after multiple parents raged about the perverted promotion.

“I felt like when they asked me to park off campus, I immediately obliged. I never had my car on campus again and then it’s like that wasn’t enough and they had to take it a step further,” Cline told The Post Saturday.

“I just feel like taking it out on the kids wasn’t really fair.”

In a Feb. 5 letter, the Liberty Christian Preparatory School (LCP) board told the Cline family the children’s enrollment would be immediately terminated thanks to their mother’s decision to publicly advertise her “pornographic website” to children “via vinyl lettering and images on your vehicles.”

The school board — who used the word “repent” six times — wrote that Cline and her husband were committing a sin by filming and distributing their explicit venture, which rakes in up to $20,000 a month.

In a statement to The Post, Head of School Jeremy Thomas confirmed the school’s decision, stating it was taking action to “protect the innocence of children.”

Michelle Cline’s two children were expelled from Liberty Christian Preparatory School because of her car’s decal promoting her OnlyFans page. Facebook/Piper Fawn

“Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages. The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues. Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and LCP,” Thomas wrote.

“Scripture is clear that anyone who causes children to sin will be subject to the judgment of Christ, absent sincere repentance and turning from sin to Him. Christ came to save sinners, and died so that all can enter into eternal life and experience His joy. LCP desires to help families nurture and educate their children in the love of God and what is good.”

The school notified Cline last month that she wouldn’t be permitted to drive her SUV onto the Tavares campus, and the mother took to walking her kids across a busy street every morning.

In its letter, viewed by The Post, LCP accused Cline of “mockingly” replacing the sticker with a larger one that covers her entire back windshield — but Cline said she’s had the same vinyl on her car for years.

“We’ve been involved with this church and school for over five years. And then so it’s funny, we’ve done OnlyFans for a good three and a half and then now, at least two of those years, the decals are on the car,” Cline said.

“I’m the same person that was, three years ago, sitting in church service. I haven’t changed not. It’s just something that I’ve chosen to be more open with.

The school accused Cline of “mockingly” replacing the original sticker with a larger one, which she said wasn’t the case. WFTV
Cline and her husband film adult content for their OnlyFans page, which rakes in up to $20,000 per month. Courtesy of Michelle Cline

“But I definitely get singled out now because people are like, ‘Oh, no, she does that.’ It’s like, ‘I’ve been doing this. It doesn’t make me a different person.’”

The letter also implies the decision came after Cline spoke about the incident with the media, the attention she claims was initiated by other parents who were angry about her profession.

Despite kicking her children — who are elementary and middle school-aged — LCP said it would consider allowing Cline to re-enroll her children in the future if she removed the decals and terminated her pornographic websites.

Liberty Christian Preparatory School confirmed they expelled Cline’s kids to “protect the innocence of children.” Google Maps

They also would require the mother to inform the school in writing that she took those measures and that she had a “desire to sincerely seek repentance and restoration.”

“Forgive my language, but I was basically like, ‘kiss my ass,’” Cline said.

She and her husband have decided to homeschool their children and are planning on moving to another neighborhood.

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