George Santos asks the panel a question.

NEWS: George Santos used alias in resurfaced 2019 video

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He’s not Jewish, he didn’t go to ritzy New York City schools and apparently he sometimes goes by a secret alias.

Controversial Congressman George Santos introduced himself as “Anthony Devolder” during a Q&A session at a 2019 “Walk Away LGBT” event in NYC, a resurfaced video of the event shows.

“So my name is Anthony Devolder. I’m a New York City resident. I recently founded a group called United for Trump. So if you guys want to follow, that would be awesome,” Santos can be seen saying in the clip.

Santos, whose claims his full name is George Anthony Devolder Santos, curiously decided to use his middle two names despite actively running a congressional bid for Tom Suozzi’s Long Island and Queens seat at the time. He lost the 2020 election but won the seat this year.

Whether that is Santos’ full name is up for debate — the congressman has not offered up his birth certificate and no government agencies are making moves to ask for it, VICE reported.

United for Trump, the group Santos claimed to found, does not seem to exist or has zero online presence.

In the video, the Long Island liar praised Walk Away founder and “former liberal” Brandon Straka as his “idol.” Straka’s campaign was launched ahead of the 2018 midterms with the stated purpose of encouraging liberals to leave the Democratic Party. 

George Santos introduced himself as Anthony Devolder in 2019, video shows.

George Santos asks the panel a question.
Santos has stated that is full name is George Anthony Devolder Santos.


George Santos (R-NY) leaves the U.S. Capitol on January 12, 2023 in Washington, DC.
Santos faces investigations at the local, state and federal levels in connection to the funding of his House campaign.


Santos then asked transgender political conservative Blair White how to steer transgendered youth from defaulting to progressive ideology.

“How do you think that as a trans woman and a conservative, you can help educate other trans people from not having to follow the narrative that the media and the Democrats put forward?” he asked the Republican social media star.

A representative for Santos did not immediately return calls made by The Post.

Santos — who is under several investigations for his lies — claimed Thursday that he has “lived an honest life” and has “never been accused of any bad doing.”

The freshman politician faces investigations at the local, state and federal levels in connection to the funding of his House campaign — as well as in Brazil for alleged check fraud. He said he would only step down from office if the 142,000 people who voted for him asked him to resign.

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