Hackers target Israeli cinemas with Hamas massacre images, hateful messages

NEWS: Hackers target Israeli cinemas with Hamas massacre images, hateful messages

Anti-Israel hackers projected graphic images from the Hamas massacre onto movie screens in Tel Aviv — along with hateful messages calling Israelis “terrorist killers,” according to reports.

The hackers, who were believed to be from Turkey, breached the advertising screens of the Lev Cinema chain in the large city, where they displayed the gory scenes and posted the threatening messages in broken Hebrew, Ynet News reported.

“Stupid Jews, you are all terrorist killers,” they wrote, according to the news outlet.

The header atop the message read MeshSec Turkish Hacktivist Crew.

“You are cowards. You will take responsibility for the hundreds of innocent children who died in Gaza. We will not give you peace, even in your movie theaters, until your massacres are over,” the hackers wrote.

“We will destroy you all. We will limit your access to the Internet and banking services. God is with us,” the message added.

Hackers broke into the screens of an Israeli cinema chain and posted gory images from the Hamas massacre, as well as hateful, threatening messages. X Basin/X

Israeli movie theater
The messages accused Israel of being responsible for the deaths of innocent children in Gaza. Google Maps

The cinema chain said the screens where the slides appeared were turned off immediately and that police are investigating.

“This is a tiny incident that has grown out of proportion,” Lev CEO Guy Shani told Ynet.

“There is an external system that updates our screens and trailers. The hackers got into this system, and put up their messages — and within a few minutes we got on it, took it down, and the event was over,” he said.

Pro-Palestinian hackers and Hamas supporters have targeted various servers in Israel.

Last month, the Israel Defense Forces website was breached by hackers who managed to broadcast a message in Arabic glorifying the terrorists who unleashed the Oct. 7 attack, i24News reported.

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