Biden allegedly begged Sample to mail him the drugs.

NEWS: Hunter Biden appeared to beg Maryland criminal to mail drugs to LA’s Chateau Marmont: report

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Hunter Biden allegedly begged one of Maryland’s “most wanted” bad guys to mail him crack cocaine at a luxury hotel.

The ask was apparently made in a suspicious text exchange found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned hard drive. The messages show the first son communicating with someone over several months in 2018, asking for something to be mailed to him under an assumed name he was using, “Joseph Smith,” as in the founder of the Mormon church.

While Biden never specified in the messages what he was asking for, The Sun reported the person on the other end of the texts was Voshawn Sample, a 47-year-old panhandler wanted for a September 2021 armed robbery and assault at a liquor store in Glen Burnie, Md.

Cops say Sample shot an employee of Champion Liquors before taking $10,000, Fox 5 Baltimore reported. Sample was described as “armed, dangerous and unpredictable” when his case aired on Maryland’s Most Wanted last year.

Sample is currently incarcerated and is expected to go on trial in November, according to The Sun.

Hunter Biden reportedly begged to buy crack from one of Maryland’s biggest criminals.
Biden is seen with an apparent crack pipe in a photo unearthed from his laptop.
Biden is seen with an apparent crack pipe in a photo unearthed from his laptop.
Sample shot an employee of Champion Liquors before taking $10,000,.
Sample is currently incarcerated and is expected to go on trial in November.
Anne Arundel County Police

Hunter texted with the phone number attributed to Sample from May to August 2018, records on the laptop show. A person who answered the number told The Post Saturday it no longer belongs to Sample.

The texts show Hunter Biden appeared to use Sample to score drugs — but that he was also often stood up.

“Man same thing. I really can’t believe you did that to me 3 times. I’m finished man. I thought you were the last honest man in the life,” the first son said in a June 12, 2018 text.

“I’m gonna be honest with you my mother has been on vacation and I couldn’t cook nothing up in my house because my mother has been acting crazy lately,” Sample allegedly replied. “When you come home please come to my house and I don’t want you to bring a dollar with you buddy.”

“I still have that for you I promise. Is you gonna come get what’s yours,” the person asked Biden.

Hunter responded by saying “FEDEX or overnight Mail at Post Office to Guest Joseph Smith (HB). 8221 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, California. Chateau Marmont Hotel.”

The drugs never arrived, which left Hunter annoyed.

“So you never sent anything like you said you would … why am I talking to you,” he texted. Later texts show the person begging Hunter Biden for cash to pay legal fees, with the first son responding that he would send $800 bucks.

Reps for Hunter Biden did not respond to request for comment from The Post.

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