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NEWS: Las Vegas man charged with murder after dismembered body found in barrel

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A Las Vegas man has been accused of fatally shooting another man, dismembering his body and stuffing it inside a barrel that was discovered weeks later.

Ryan Bentley, 43, has been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Authorities claim he killed and dismembered Rene Olmos Enriquez Jr., 39, in October.

Enriquez’s remains were found about three weeks later on Nov. 29, jammed inside a barrel found on the side of Palm Street and East Quail Avenue in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Enriquez had been reported missing by family on Nov. 3.

Police arrested Bentley hours after finding the remains, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Police arrested a second suspect, 30-year-old Angelica Hudson, on Dec. 7, though the charges against her were dropped less than a month later, according to court records.

Witnesses told authorities that Bentley believed Enriquez “snitched” to authorities about his possession of narcotics. Less than two weeks before Enriquez was killed, police searched his home and found 115 grams of meth, about 69 grams of heroin and about 50 grams of fentanyl, according to the police report.

Enriquez was not arrested at the time, but was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Since he was not arrested, Bentley believed he had told police about the drugs.

Bentley then lured Enriquez into his home by telling him he had a “care package” for him. He then told Enriquez he could either be murdered or short enough fentanyl to kill himself, according to the report.

Bentley will be arraigned on Jan. 26, court records show.

Enriquez took the drugs and passed out, causing Bentley and a group of friends, including Hudson, to think he was dead. When he woke and tried to run, Bentley shot him.

After Bentley was released from jail on drug charges the next day, he returned home to dismember Enriquez’s body. He then shoved the remains inside a 55-gallon barrel, his friends told police.

Police later retrieved messages from Bentley’s Facebook page, some of which detailed how when he got home from jail he dismembered Enriquez’s body and hid it inside the barrel.

Court records show Bentley was indicted by a grand jury on Jan. 6 and faces an arraignment hearing on Jan. 26.

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