New York's DMV rejects 3,000 vanity license plate requests

NEWS: New York’s DMV rejects 3,000 vanity license plate requests


That’s the response thousands of New Yorkers hoping to secure oddball — and raunchy – vanity license plates received last year from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  

The state agency dismissed more than 3,000 proposed license plates in 2023 thanks to a slew of rules that prohibit certain combinations of letters and numbers — especially ones that bear lewd and offensive meanings.

Among the most shocking and inappropriate rejections were plates that read TREESOM3, ORG8ZM, CALLGIRL, F4RTBOX, JANKYAF, DUCKMEE and NICEBUNZ, according to a list of turned-down plates obtained and reported on by WGRZ.

Multiple sought-after plates were of the same variation, with some including the crude joke DEZNUUTS, DEZNUUTZ and DEEZNUTT.

Drivers also unsuccessfully requested numerous plates that involved sex acts and other sexually explicit sayings.

There were many possible plates New York state deemed too offensive. DG-Studio –

And a few drivers tried to get political — and didn’t seem to be fans of President Biden. Those proposed plates that got a nay vote were FQBIDEN, FXKB1DEN and SMDBIDEN.

Some car owners were just hoping for plates that donned a well-known artist or place or entity, only for their proposals to crash and burn.

Among the failed contenders were MYSPACE, a reference to the once-thriving social media platform, MESSSSSI, an ode to the soccer star, SW1FT1E a nod to the “Shake It Off” singer, and NFL, which was an apparant reference to the sports league that includes Swift’s Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend.

More than 3,000 plates were turned down. romaset –

B1GFT became as much of a reality as the mythical creature and S1XPACK also fell flat in DMV officials’ eyes.

On top of combinations that are flunked because they are too derogatory, there are stringent guidelines the DMV follows when considering a plate.

Using the number 1 or zero between two letters to make a word isn’t allowed and using the letter “O” between two numbers to make it seem like a zero is prohibited. Plates that give off the appearance of an official plate or that might confuse law enforcement also aren’t greenlit.

A vanity plate costs $60 initially. Balint Radu –

Personalized plates cost $60 upfront, followed by a recurring $31.25 every year for passenger and commercial plates. The prices are halved for motorcycles.

A DMV spokesperson previously told The Post in 2022 that the agency reviews all possible custom license plates and “works hard to ensure that any combination that may be considered objectionable are rejected.”

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