OnlyFans' Courtney Clenney threatened teen for rejecting her: report

NEWS: OnlyFans’ Courtney Clenney threatened teen for rejecting her: report

Troubled former OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney — currently awaiting trial on charges she murdered her boyfriend — threatened to burn down a teen’s home after he rejected her advances, according to a report.

Courtney Clenney remains behind bars as she awaits trial for fatally stabbing Christian Obumseli in their luxury Miami apartment in April 2022 after a heated argument.

The online starlet, who boasted two million Instagram followers, claimed she plunged a knife into Obumseli in self-defense. She wasn’t arrested until August of that year.

Clenney moved to her parents’ home in Austin soon after the bloody slaying, and later bought a million dollar home for herself down the street.

A resident of the area told NBC Miami how Clenney threatened his teen son after he spurned her request to kiss her.

Just two months after fatally stabbing Obumseli, Clenney allegedly spotted the victim while out on a walk in the quiet Travis County neighborhood.

Clenney allegedly threatened to burn down a teen’s house after he rejected her advances. Instagram / @courtneytailor

She asked the teen to walk her home and he obliged, the man’s father told NBC.

They sat down at some point during the stroll and Clenney repeatedly asked the teen to kiss her — but he declined.

Clenney, the unidentified father said, was visibly intoxicated at the time.

“I’m going to burn your house!” the enraged model threatened, according to the outlet. “I’m going to burn that s–t down!”

Clenney reportedly attacked the teen’s father after he tried to protect his son. Instagram

The frightened teen then called his father, who arrived at the scene.

“Then she freaked out,” he said. “She approached me. She started slapping me as I was standing between her and my son.”

The man said they had no idea at the time that Clenney had killed someone weeks prior — and that they would have filed a police report if they had known her history.

“I will tell you that that person is aggressive,” the dad said. “That person is inclined to hurt somebody. Especially when she is under the influence. I’m not a judge or a jury, but I can tell you this person is disturbed. She’s a menace.”

Clenney is facing murder charges over the April 2022 death of Christian Obumseli. AP

Clenney’s parents were arrested last week in Austin and charged with tampering with evidence in the case.

Deborah Clenney, 57, and Kim Clenney, 60, allegedly found a laptop belonging to Obumseli in the Miami apartment as they cleaned it out after the murder and didn’t turn it over to police.

They attempted to access the device at one point, according to reports.

Courtney’s father, Kim Clenney, was arrested last week for tampering with evidence in the case. Austin PD/MEGA
Her mother, Deborah Lynn Clenney, is also facing charges for taking possession of Obumseli’s laptop Austin PD/MEGA

Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, said the arrests were part of an attempt to silence Clenney’s parents, who have both backed her claims that Obumseli was abusive toward her.

“We’re extremely surprised and very concerned about the arrest of the Clenney family; this could be an example of prosecutorial overreach and misconduct,” Prieto said in a statement. “The Clenneys have quite a story and it’s a story the state of Florida maybe does not want the public to hear.”

Clenney and Obumseli had a highly volatile and sometimes violent relationship, with both sides presenting videos and evidence making the other party appear in a negative light.

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