He was allegedly killed by a member of the Bloods gang.

NEWS: Photos reveal bloody aftermath of NYC mob hit on Sylvester Zottola

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New photos show the bloody aftermath of the McDonald’s drive-thru hit on Bronx mafia associate Sylvester “Sally Daz” Zottola – a rub-out allegedly orchestrated by his own son. 

The crime scene photos — entered into evidence by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn — show blood spattered on the upholstered seats of 71-year-old Zottola’s Acura SUV at the Mickey D’s drive-thru on Webster Avenue. 

Another photo shows a spent shell casing in a cup holder inside the car, next to a Dum Dum lollipop. 

At least five bullet holes in one of the car’s windows are shown in another one of the evidence photos – taken at the scene after the killing in October 2018. 

A series of yellow NYPD evidence markers are seen scattered around the crime scene in another one of the photos. The markers tag footprints, shell casings and a nearby fence, where the gunman allegedly passed through as he ran off from the scene. 

Sylvester’s son, Anthony Zottola, 44, is charged with allegedly hiring a Bloods gang member to orchestrate the hit on his father because he wanted control of the family’s $45 million real estate empire. 

Anthony is on trial with two co-defendants – Himen Ross and Alfred Lopez – who allegedly carried out the hit on Sylvester, a reputed associate of the Bonanno and Lucchese crime families.

Last week, another alleged conspirator testified under a cooperation agreement with the feds that he tried and failed to kill both Sylvester and Anthony’s brother, Salvatore, 45, at least six times. 

Anthony Zottola allegedly hired a Bloods gang member to orchestrate the hit on his father (above).

In one of the botched hits, a gunman ambushed Salvatore outside of his home in Locust Point and shot him a number times in a brazen, caught-on-video assassination attempt. He survived, and took the stand in the trial as a star witness for prosecutors who testified after being given immunity. 

After the successful hit on his dad, Anthony allegedly texted the Bloods gang member he paid to set up the assassination — and joked with him about the slaying. 

“Can we party today or tomorrow,” Bloods member Bushawn Shelton texted the younger Zottola after the hit. 

“Can we party today or tomorrow,” Bloods member Bushawn Shelton texted the younger Zottola after the hit. 
Anthony Zottola is on trial with two co-defendants in the case.

“Tomorrow. It’s my little man’s bday. I’m taking him to his favorite place, McDonald’s. Then to a movie. LOL like I eat that stuff,” Anthony replied with apparent sarcasm.

Shelton allegedly texted back that it was like his “birthday” that day. 

Anthony and his two co-defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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