Rep. Nancy Mace spars with Bill Maher on 'Real Time'

NEWS: Rep. Nancy Mace spars with Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’

Rep. Nancy Mace tussled with late night host Bill Maher over why she was leaning closer toward former President Trump.

“We’ve had three years of Biden,” the South Carolina Republican told Maher.

Maher shot back, “that bad huh?”

Rep. Nancy Mace tussled with late night host Bill Maher over why she was leaning closer toward former President Trump. Real Time with Bill Maher

“It’s been that bad,” Mace retorted.

Mace, a GOP maverick, was on set with Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, where they also discussed TikTok and the British royal family.

The late night host teased Mace about the possibility of being former President Trump’s running mate.

“You wouldn’t turn it down,” Maher said.

Mace replied that “nobody would turn that down. You’re a heartbeat away. And it’s for your country. It’s service for your country.”

Maher then chided Mace about her vote to certify the 2020 presidential election — which former president Trump has long insisted was stolen.

Rep. Mace said President Biden’s performance had been “bad.” Real Time with Bill Maher

“If you were the vice president on January 6th, would you have done what Mike Pence did that made Trump so angry?” Maher said.

“I certified the Electoral College in every single state,” Mace said.

“I mean, that was the right thing to do, the constitutional thing to do. And I would do it again, 100 percent. 100 percent.”

Mace said she was leaning more toward Trump in 2024. REUTERS

Maher offered that Trump might not be happy to hear that, should he be watching the program.

“I hope he’s watching tonight! I hope he’s watching tonight,” Mace countered.

Though she’s a relatively new member, elected in 2020, Mace has established herself as a gadfly among the House Republican Conference.

Last year, she was one of just eight House Republicans who voted to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from power, drawing howls of protests and primary threats from her colleagues.

She also raised eyebrows after reports surfaced in December that she routinely discussed her sex life at work in front of staffers.

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