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NEWS: Scott Stringer sued by sex assault accuser Jean Kim in NYC

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Former city Comptroller Scott Stringer has been slapped with a lawsuit from a woman who publicly accused him of inappropriately touching her and repeatedly asking, “Why won’t you f–k me?”

Jean Kim claims that when she was interning on Stringer’s 2001 campaign for public advocate, he came on to her during three separate cab rides, and once kissed her, shoving his hands down her pants, according to the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Wednesday.

On two of the cab rides, Stringer put his hands on Kim’s thighs, and on the third ride, he kept asking, “Why won’t you f–k me?,” the filing claims.

She claims none of the touching was consensual and that she had no romantic interest in Stringer, who was in a relationship with another woman at the time, the suit says.

He also told her he could make her the first Asian district leader on the Upper West Side if she proved herself to him, the court papers allege.

Scott Stringer has been hit with a sexual assault lawsuit.
Stephen Yang

Jean Kim is pictured at a press conference where she went public with her allegations against Stringer.
Jean Kim claims that while she was interning on Stringer’s campaign in 2001, he touched her inappropriately and asked her, “Why won’t you f–k me?”
Steven Hirsch

Years later, when Kim was being honored at a 2008 event, Stringer allegedly confronted her about why she didn’t include her time on his campaign in her bio.

“Your first campaign is like your first boyfriend, you never forget,” Stringer said, according to the suit.

“Stringer abused his role as a powerful politician, the campaign’s candidate, and as a mentor who Ms. Kim trusted and relied upon,” the suit charges.

Scott Stringer is pictured walking on a Manhattan street.
Stringer sued Kim in December, claiming she defamed him and cost him his mayoral bid.
Stephen Yang

Kim filed suit under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which opened a one-year window for adult victims of sexual abuse to sue even if their claims fell outside the statute of limitations. She’s asking for unspecified damages.

In December, Stringer sued Kim, claiming her “fake” allegations defamed him and cost him his 2021 mayoral bid.

“These allegations are baseless lies, which is why we filed a defamation suit three months ago,” said Milt Williams, a lawyer for Stringer.

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