Are Biden & Co. trolling us all with 'Trans Day' on Easter, or just that clueless?

POLITICS: Are Biden & Co. trolling us all with ‘Trans Day’ on Easter, or just that clueless?

Every apologist will tell you: It’s just coincidence that Transgender Day of Visibility, which has been March 31 since its creation in 2009, this year falls the same day as Easter, the holiest day for Christians, which moves around.

So what? The activist who set the date should’ve considered the chances — and the Biden White House sure should’ve checked the 2024 calendar before it committed to recognizing the trans day back in 2021.

And Gov. Hochul certainly should’ve thought things through before ordering One World Trade Center and other landmarks lit light pink, white and light blue to honor the day.

In-your-face is in-your-face, whatever the excuses.

No, Christians aren’t especially anti-trans; if anything, it’s trans activists who tend to be anti-Christian or perhaps anti-Catholic (cf. the fake nuns of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence).

But hackles certainly get raised when an elite-beloved group somehow gets to the head of the line, jumping over your two-millennia-old high holiday.

Especially when the left’s hot new boogeyman is “Christian Nationalism.”

And lefty activists thought it was a great idea to disrupt Easter Vigil services Saturday night at St. Patrick’s — in the name of Palestine, as it happens, but the left’s causes all blur together these days. They’re united centrally in screeching that everything normal is evil, if only because it’s not on board with something insane like open borders, life-changing surgery for confused teens or Israelis’ obligation to let themselves be slaughtered by terrorists.

We’re not sure if President Biden (or the staff who plainly run the White House) are just trolling us at this point, or if they’ve truly lost all touch with what most Americans (of all creeds, races and gender-identification) believe — with regular folks’ “lived experiences,” if you must.

But the message is that the Democratic Party’s elite cares only about esoteric extremes, with no thought at all for actual mainstream America.


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