Biden ignores and worsens border crisis with bad policies

POLITICS: Biden ignores and worsens border crisis with bad policies

As waves of migrants inflict intense pain on cities like New York, President Biden’s border policies are luring ever more here — even many who may never have thought of coming here before.

Per Axios, “Tens of thousands of Mexican families” have crossed the southern border in recent months, “soaring past previous levels.”

That echoes a recent report that a record 91,000 migrants crossed as part of family groups in August, bringing the total for the fiscal year to more than half a million, also the most ever for comparable periods.

Migration from Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and several Asian and African countries has also shot up.

And Wednesday brought a huge surge in the Arizona sector, led by young single men from Senegal.

US Customs and Border Protection encounters with Chinese immigrants surged to 6,163 in July — nearly four times the 1,743 during President Donald Trump’s last full month and more than triple the 2,191 in July 2022.

These newcomers are seeing their opportunities — and grabbing them.

Indeed, Team Biden has actually boasted about having expanded the “legal” routes to enter the country (without congressional authorization), allowing some lucky foreigners to get work permits in just six weeks and stay for at least two years.

Migrants are also crossing illegally in droves: In July alone, Border Patrol agents nabbed more than 10,000 Mexican family members; a mere 6,000 crossed illegally in all of 2019.

And though the prez vowed penalties for illegal crossers, families are typically released into the country with just a notice to appear in court.

For many, that turns into a permanent stay.

No wonder the numbers are skyrocketing: As word goes out how easy it’s become to enter free and clear, even people who’d never planned on migrating decide to get in while the getting-in is good.

Biden & Co. are practically begging them to come: As The Post has reported, US officials actually welded open 114 massive gates on the Arizona border, with migrants streaming across without even having to “check in” with the Border Patrol.

Our coverage finally got those gates closed — and now “encounters” are surging in the very same sector as migrants shift to Plan B.

The upshot for cities like New York: disaster.

Mayor Eric Adams says the migrant nightmare is about to “destroy” Gotham.

Cities and states have declared states of emergency.

Chicago aldermen are fuming over Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to set up mini tent cities in their wards.

Either Biden is intentionally trying to cause this pain — or just lacks the backbone to buck open-border Dems.

Either way, the pain for Americans is only getting worse.

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