Pam Grier a heavy metal biker in “Cinnamon”

POLITICS: ‘Bucky F*cking Dent’ ‘The Sperm Bank,’ ‘Cinnamon’

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June 7. Tribeca Film Festival.

David Duchovny wrote-directed Yankee Stadium story “Bucky F*cking Dent.” Sweet title, right? . . . “The Sperm Bank” is about death . . . Staten Island mob killing is Jennifer Esposito’s “Fresh Kills” . . . Director Michael Shannon’s “Eric Larue” a tragic drama . . . Jon Hamm and Tina Fey solve female murders in “Maggie Moore(s).”

Pam Grier a heavy metal biker in “Cinnamon” . . . Ed Harris and Vanessa Hudgens do snow in “Downtown Owl,” a North Dakota real town . . . “The Good Half” has Nick Jonas, Elisabeth Shue, David Arquette . . . Steve Buscemi directs “The Listener” . . . Late Marvel marvel Stan Lee narrates a doc about Stan Lee . . . CBS’s former anchor Dan Rather will walk the red carpet for the Dan Rather doc “Rather.”

Have a great time.

Pam Grier is a heavy metal biker in “Cinnamon.”
Tribeca Film Festival

Meet NY’s new puff daddy

ME, stupid, old-fashioned, outdated. OK. However, I despise cannabis on my streets. Hate the smell. Hate dogs picking it up. Hate it corrupting kids.

To state my case I met polite, handsome young vegan New Yorker Josh Kesselman. The prince of pot. His company, begun ’95, is RAW. Esquire and High Times laud its unbleached natural products. He’s — believe it — “The global king of marijuana rolling paper.” What that is, who knows. I figure it beats being Meghan Markle’s red-haired puppy.

Josh: “I loved rolling papers as a kid. My dad used them so, passionate about something, you use it. Me, a stoner then, I became a collector. Encyclopedia Britannica said 16th-century Spain used newspaper scraps and where Napoleon’s troops learned about smoking.”

Josh says: “I’m inventive. Me, the Willy Wonka of smoking, I created a built-in hands free thing around your neck so you needn’t even use your hands. Also an umbrella with a handle that holds it so you can do it in rain.”

Wow, next to Thomas A. Edison, great. Absolutely great. But why only your stuff? Why not toilet paper?

“Won’t burn right. Won’t give the experience they’re seeking. I’m even now making strawberry-flavored paper.”

Great. Next to Mme. Curie, absolutely great. But I hate what’s happening to my city.

“Look, I love dogs. I work to save dogs. I’ll handle that problem and I’ll take steps to see how to solve the city’s other smoking issues.”

Josh is worth millions. Figures. The guy who introduced us is the one who paid our dinner check.

Ex FBI Director James Comey finagled us. George Santos stole, lied and got to Congress. Our dummy president gets coached in his basement. Killings are daily occurrences. Puppies feed on weed. Recession’s coming. Undocumented migrants displace US vets in hotels.

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., speaks to reporters outside after an effort to expel him from the House, at the Capitol.
AP/ J. Scott Applewhite

And fewer awards. Critics Choice Real TV whatevers replaced with an announcement. Also “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” with his Star of the Year announcement. To quote Ru: “What a drag.”

Not just in New York, kids, not just in New York — but are we not a great country or what?

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