Cop-beating migrants are released, no bail, after attack: Letters

POLITICS: Cop-beating migrants are released, no bail, after attack: Letters

The Issue: A group of migrants who were released without bail after assaulting two police officers.

Cops are assaulted and the migrant perpetrators are released — only for them to flip the bird at every taxpaying citizen who is covering the bill for their housing, food, sneakers and cell phones (“Free as a double bird,” Feb. 1).

Incompetent, politically motivated district attorneys and judges enable the release of criminals who feed on society with no accountability.

We must pass laws to hold criminals liable for their actions, like enacting a two-year sentence with no plea for assaulting law enforcement.

The majority of New Yorkers wish the border was controlled and the people crossing were vetted. Murderers and traffickers shouldn’t be welcomed like the other hard-working people looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

Steven Cassidy

Franklin Square

Imagine the audacity of two police officers attempting to arrest a criminal illegal alien, only to be set upon by a mob of other criminal illegal aliens.

As is the norm in New York, the miscreants were free with no bail a few hours later. If I were a cop, I would quietly bide my time until retirement and never attempt another arrest.

Jerry Ciofalo


Recently a woman intentionally ran over a police officer in New York, declaring “F - - - the police” upon arrest, yet is released without bail. Now a group of migrants — beneficiaries of Biden’s open border — attack two police officers for merely doing their job. The assailants were then promptly set free without bail.

The City Council has further exacerbated the situation by burdening police officers with unnecessary paperwork through the How Many Stops act.

The irony surfaces when the average voter, complaining about crime and migration, heads to the booth to vote for Democrats. New York is reaping the consequences of its voting choices and proving the adage, “You get the government that you vote for.”

Joseph Grassi

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Who knew that the promise — that New York’s no-nail law would actually keep violent criminals off the street — did not apply to illegal aliens who assault police officers?

Sadly, woke progressives place the ability of criminals to be violent above the right of police to protect themselves.

“Good” cops are those who get to go home to their families at the end of watch, not only those who needlessly sacrifice life and limb in pursuit of a woke agenda.

Allowing a confrontation to progress to a wrestling match dangerously places an officer’s weapons up for grabs — with potentially deadly consequences for the officer and the public.

William Fidurski

Clark, NJ

A group of migrants assaulted two police officers in Times Square. They took turns kicking their heads and torso.

After being arrested, they were released within hours without bail. And upon leaving the Manhattan

Criminal Court after arraignment, one migrant even gave the middle finger to news cameras outside.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecuters did not request bail from the judge. Alongside that, one of the migrants already had a previous arrest record.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be allowed to immediately deport any migrant guilty of assaulting law enforcement officials or American citizens.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

Is there no justice protecting regular citizens from those hellbent on doing harm? Why do we even have laws if they are not enforced? What can be on the mind of Bragg and his cronies when the assailants, who happen to be migrants, roam free after being released when they beat up two of New York’s Finest?

One has only to look at the video of them being released in which they gave the finger to the rest of us citizens — and know that they will never return for their later scheduled court dates.

We are in the Upside-Down. Now let’s get righted!

Andrew Jassin


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