Governor Kathy Hochul at Pier 60 in Manhattan for the Regional Plan Association Centennial Assembly.

POLITICS: Democrats thumbing their noses at voters over NY gerrymander

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What unmitigated gall: New York’s highest court slaps down Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats for trying to ram through unconstitutionally gerrymandered voting districts — and how do they respond? By resorting to sneaky new ways to force those districts on voters anyway.

The maps disenfranchised voters of both parties — Republicans, by squeezing them into a few districts so that the GOP would lose half its House seats; Democrats, by creating “safe” Dem seats that would be dominated by the party bosses’ choices.

Yet the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee went to federal court to force New York to use the tainted maps anyway. This, after all the Democrats’ noise in Congress these last 15 months about protecting voters’ rights.

Of course, this follows the state courts’ repeated slapdowns of New York Dems.

Last month, New York’s Court of Appeals (every single member of which was hand-chosen by a Democratic governor) found the Dems’ congressional district boundaries violated the state Constitution’s ban on maps “drawn to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or political parties.” That language comes from a 2014 constitutional amendment passed by New York voters, who essentially reaffirmed it in a referendum last year.

Gov. Kathy Hochul has proven to be no different from her predecessor when it comes to protecting Democrats.
William Farrington

The Dem maps would’ve likely sliced the number of New York congressional seats held by Republicans from eight to just four, while Dems got 22. Instead, the judges ordered a court-appointed special master to draw fair district boundaries and that the June 28 primary be moved to Aug. 23, to ensure enough time for campaigning.

New York Dems’ response? They asked the court to adopt a “new” congressional map that looks much like the one the court had just tossed: Heavily Democratic Park Slope would still be jammed into the Republican-leaning Staten Island district in a backdoor bid to flip it blue. Dems would also be better suited to steal GOP districts upstate and on Long Island.

The DCCC, in its bid to save the gerrymander, tried to claim that forcing new districts would also disenfranchise voters — so there! We won’t try to explain the “logic” there, except that it relied on the “impossibility” of drawing new maps in time, a claim rejected by every state and federal authority involved. The state Board of Elections has said explicitly the primary can be moved to Aug. 23 and still meet all federal requirements.

Dems simply want power, even as they blather about voters’ rights. It’s all blatant proof of their top-to-bottom hypocrisy.

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