Deport NYC's cop-beating migrants — if we can find them after they were let loose on no bail

POLITICS: Deport NYC’s cop-beating migrants — if we can find them after they were let loose on no bail

Jhoan Boada, 22, is in this country illegally.

With at least six other migrants, he allegedly beat up two police officers in Times Square.

Five of them were arrested, and upon being set free with no bail, a smirking Boada gave a double middle finger to media covering his release.

This is New York in 2024.

But don’t worry, the state’s leaders are on it.

Asked if Boada should be deported, Gov. Hochul took a bold stance: “I think that’s actually something that should be looked at.”

Wow, such leadership.

Mayor Adams similarly called to “reexamine” laws that prevent deportation.

Not change the laws, of course, as that would be too obvious, but pretend you’re doing something about the problem while not actually doing anything about the problem.

“Those migrants who are here because they want to be part of the American dream, we say ‘Yes’ to that,” Adams said.

“But those who are breaking our laws, we need to reexamine the laws that don’t allow us to deport them because they are doing violent acts. We cannot create an atmosphere where you’re going to bring violence in our city.”

Adams has previously admitted his city’s social fabric is collapsing but still can’t bring himself to admit we simply can’t take in 100% of the people who want to be part of the American dream, whether they break other laws or not.

Boada may grow old in New York beating up police officers or anyone else in his way while the governor considers “looking” at the possibility of deporting him.

Or somewhere else.

Sources tell The Post four of the migrants “cut loose without bail” might have “hopped on a bus bound for California on Wednesday.”

Shocker. People adept at breaking the law continue breaking the law.

Film at 11.

That’s how the whole system works.

Laws are for suckers.

People crossing our border without permission know they are breaking the law.

They know getting a police officer on the ground and joining friends in kicking and punching him is breaking the law.

They do not care.

And they know the wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed politicians of blue cities and states don’t either.

As The Post noted Wednesday, “The Big Apple’s ‘sanctuary city’ status makes it illegal to notify US Immigration and Customs Enforcement about criminal defendants, such as those charged in the Midtown cop-beating.”

Boada and friends are protected by ridiculous policies like these, giving their criminal activity a pass.

Even in the bad old days of New York, assaulting a cop wasn’t a consequence-free crime.

Add New York’s absurd no-bail laws, which set free violent offenders like Boada who have no ties to the community and no permanent address, and you have a recipe for chaos.

How slim are the chances Boada ever reappears in court to face his charges?

How much more will New Yorkers accept?

The overarching issue: Democrats have long pretended our porous border isn’t a problem and you’re a racist and xenophobe for noticing it might be.

Republicans are meanies who haven’t read the poem on the Statue of Liberty, and Democrats are the kind and compassionate people who don’t understand why Texas doesn’t simply absorb everyone crossing our border without permission.

Once Texas began sending people to the blue cities that pretended to welcome them, the problem became clearer.

But instead of calling for a real border fix, including ending policies allowing criminals to stay in our country indefinitely waiting for a years-away court date for which they may never show, sanctuary-city Dems want to stop Texas from sending any more people.

Democrats like Hochul and Adams have to dance around the problem lest they be called the same names their cohort calls others.

And for New Yorkers?

Double middle fingers all around.

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