Drone attack kills three American soldiers in Jordan, Letters

POLITICS: Drone attack kills three American soldiers in Jordan, Letters

The Issue: The Saturday drone attack in Jordan that killed three American soldiers, injuring 34.

The inevitable has happened: Iranian proxies killed three American soldiers and wounded scores of others (“Lives ‘cut short’ in Jordan,” Jan. 30).

Right now it feels like there is a coordinated attack on American interests. Russia is waging war in Ukraine, Iran is attacking American troops and funding disorder in the world’s largest shipping lane in the Red Sea, and Israel is fighting a war against Hamas.

The only shoe left to drop would be a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. President Biden is being tested right now. If he fails, America and its allies will pay a huge price.

Steve Heitner

Middle Island

The unprovoked attack in Jordan should never have happened. Three soldiers were killed and 34 wounded. For what?

We have to face it. Biden — with his weak foreign policy on countries that wish harm to Americans — must be stopped. It’s hard to believe, considering all these attacks against Americans, that the United States still sends humanitarian aid to countries that wish us ill — Yemen, for example.

If this administration doesn’t show some nerve and stand firm against militants, more American servicemen and -women will be killed. It’s time for this administration to wake up.

Rob Johann


America’s heart is heavy. These soldiers embodied the very best of our nation, risking their own safety for the safety of Americans at home.

I join the families and friends of our fallen in grieving for the departed.

Paul Bacon

Hallandale Beach, Fla.

Post readers weigh in on the American killed on Biden’s watch. AP

Former President Donald Trump managed Tehran by refusing to waive sanctions on countries that imported oil from Iran. Biden reversed this move after taking office, enriching the hostile state. This has proven disastrous.

Saturday’s attack is an indication of how incompetent Biden’s leadership is perceived to be among hostile foreign leaders. His response was characteristically weak.
Iran needs to be harshly dealt with: A show of force is called for. The US should not hide behind rhetoric. Trump understood this.

Matthew Pease

Demarest, NJ

The Issue: The recent removal of Native exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History.

It’s disappointing that the Native American displays were so ignominiously swept away (“It’s ‘blight’ at the museum,” Jan. 27).

Since the days of the inaccurately mounted T. Rex skeleton, my children and I have enjoyed our visits to the American Museum of Natural History.

How will future generations learn to appreciate this important part of American history, if they are unable to witness it? Do we continue to conceal everything that insults our current sensibilities? How do we preserve that which helped build our great nation?

I for one will sorely miss this exhibit, and so much more of what is now deemed “politically inappropriate.”

Marty Bischoff

Fredon, NJ

This removal makes no sense. This was a beautiful presentation that taught generations about the everyday life, work and art of the indigenous people of this continent. I can’t think of a better place for people to see and appreciate this history than the Natural History Museum.

Maybe they should take everything else out of the museum and give it back to Egypt, China, and countries in Europe and the Middle East — or wherever the artifacts hail from. Why have a museum in the first place?

Catherine Adago


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