Erik Duran's manslaughter chargers, Letters

POLITICS: Erik Duran’s manslaughter chargers, Letters

Cops & robbers

It’s disheartening to see Walter Newsome — co-founder of the New York chapter of Black Lives Matter — stand up for a drug-dealing criminal (“ ‘Cooler’ slay rap,” Jan. 24).

Eric Duprey, whose chosen vocation brought misery to countless people, died when NYPD Sgt. Erik Duran threw a cooler at him when he attempted to flee the police on a motorbike. Wouldn’t Newsome’s time be better spent fighting drug dealers and criminals, some of whom prey upon the black community?

It seems Newsome would prefer to fight those who protect people from the likes of Duprey, rather than support them.

Barry J. Koppel, Kew Gardens Hills

Two-state safety

Michael Goodwin continues to exhibit a weak understanding of international affairs, especially when it comes to the challenges of the Israel-Palestine conflict (“2-state solution would be a disaster,” Jan. 21).

He fails to mention the events of 1948 and 1967, along with the Israeli settling of Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians have been rendered prisoners in their own land.

Goodwin focuses on Hamas’ stated desire to eliminate Israel and is correct to criticize this. But does he mention the popular Israeli notion of “Greater Israel” and what that entails for the existence of Palestinians? He criticizes President Biden’s call for two states without offering an alternative solution.
It’s ultimately in Israel’s interest to come up with a long-term two-state plan. History shows us how apartheid regimes end.

Michael Scarlatos, Wurtsboro

Privacy vs. safety

Thursday’s Post reported that Ring, the Amazon-owned home security service, will no longer allow police departments to request camera footage from users, due to privacy concerns (“Ring off limits,” Jan. 25).

Isn’t one of the purposes of the Ring doorbell camera to deter crime? With this new policy, the crooks could get off scot-free. Amazon is bowing to privacy advocates and ignoring the concerns of its customers.

Thomas J. Mullen, Yonkers

Florida bound

Ron DeSantis read the tea leaves and gave up on his dream of being president (“DeSantis is run & done,” Jan. 22).

In doing so, he dashed the hopes of many who don’t want Donald Trump to win the nomination, much less the election.

Trump is apparently “very honored” to be endorsed by DeSantis, which seems odd given how poorly he spoke about the Florida governor. Maybe DeSantis’ endorsement is a last-ditch effort at getting a nod for the VP job?

The world of politics is weird, and full of bizarre characters. All you can do is remember the value of your vote. Choose the best person, not just the loudest or most popular.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

Tennessee crime

Glenn Reynolds’ column on residents of blue states — especially New Yorkers — moving en masse to Tennessee was interesting, to say the least (“America’s other wave of refugees,” Jan. 24).
Per’s “Crime Index By State,” Tennessee has the third-highest rate of crime in the nation, while New York, ranked No. 11, is one of the safest. Reynolds also boasts of being a resident of Knoxville, which based on multiple online sources has a crime rate higher than the US average.
I will remain in Brooklyn. In addition to feeling safer, I can get decent pizza and Chinese food here.

Dennis Middlebrooks, Brooklyn

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