Hurrah for sanity on a trans athlete ban in ultra-woke Manhattan!

POLITICS: Hurrah for sanity on a trans athlete ban in ultra-woke Manhattan!

Hurray for sanity! 

Manhattan’s Community Education Council District 2 overwhelmingly passed a resolution standing up for girls in school sports. 

On an 8-3 vote, the CEC approved a measure — co-sponsored by Post contributor Maud Maron — to demand that the city Department of Education allow a public review of its current, obscene policy allowing trans players (i.e., biological males) on girls’ teams

Various wokists whined and gnashed their teeth at the meeting, including lefty City Councilman Erik Bottcher.

Even trans actor Elliot Page got in on the action. (Who knew Page cared so much about internal NYC school politics?) 

And the measure will almost certainly be no more than symbolic: The DOE (like every other city and state agency) lacks the will to face down the entrenched forces of lefty insanity. 

But still, it shows that in the heart of the deepest-blue progressive Cloud Cuckoo Land, sane parents are not afraid to make their voices heard and stand up for their daughters. 

The idea that biological males don’t enjoy a size and strength advantage over girls is absurd.

One need look no further than the career of Lia Thomas, a mediocre men’s swimmer before transition and a national champion as a woman, for proof of that. 

As for the histrionic rhetoric from opponents of the measure — “It’s putting a target on students’ backs,” screeched CEC member Gavin Healy: No, this is about fairness, not discrimination

But Healy, as all progs eventually do, gave the game away: “I’m just ashamed to be up here tonight, and having to debate this with you,” he blubbered.

Rules forcing girls to compete against biological males are simply about power, not justice; about forcing all to bend the knee to a fashionable ideology.

That’s why their proponents are “ashamed” of “having to debate” the issue, and why they’re so hostile even to the idea of a simple public review. 

Because they know they have no argument other than We’re in charge

The CEC move — along with Nassau County’s recent ban on biological males in women’s sports at county-run facilities — is great news, and rational people everywhere should take heart from it

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