IDF hospital raid proves Hamas hates Palestinians

POLITICS: IDF hospital raid proves Hamas hates Palestinians

How many more times will Hamas demonstrate its utter erasure of the distinction between soldier and civilian

A recent IDF operation in Gaza at the al-Amal Hospital — carried out without firing a single shot or disrupting any medical procedures — resulted in the capture of around 20 Hamas killers hiding in a building meant for healing the sick. 

The Israeli forces followed up this bloodless triumph over evil by supervising the delivery of oxygen tanks to the hospital. 

And the hospital’s staff reportedly aided the soldiers in their capture of the terrorists. 

It’s the whole story of Israel’s justified and humane counterattack, writ small

A cadre of Islamist murderers commits a war crime by using civilian infrastructure as camouflage, putting the lives of innocents — this is a working hospital — at risk to further their genocidal mission against the Jewish state.

Israel’s response is precise, targeted and successful, and followed up by a humanitarian gesture. 

The IDF arrested about 20 Hamas terrorists at al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis without firing a single shot. IDF

Remember: Hamas doesn’t deliver oxygen tanks; it steals aid money from suffering Palestinians and uses it to arm itself

And the Palestinians working in the hospital take the side of their alleged “oppressors.”

But who can blame them? 

The citizens of Gaza know exactly who and what caused their current predicament: Hamas, its cowardly tactics and the blood-spattered leadership living a luxe life far from the battle in Doha.  

For God’s sake, a Hamas tunnel was recently discovered under the headquarters of the United Nation Relief and Works Agency in Gaza.

The conflation of civil and military life is essential to the group’s continued operation. 

The strategy is responsible for the loss of civilian life among the Palestinians, losses that Israel is keeping to a minimum. 

The pro-terror left in the United States and Europe inverts this truth when it fronts for Hamas

But the terror masters of Gaza can’t help revealing themselves. 

Their backers in Congress, academia and across the media landscape need to take them at their word. 

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