A worker exits the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery on May 10

POLITICS: Inflation’s roaring, and all Biden can offer is a recycled pack of lies

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President Joe Biden’s handlers sent him out Tuesday to declare that fighting inflation is now his “top domestic priority.” But even if his “plan” weren’t a joke, why would anyone believe him, when his vow came packaged in a host of lazy lies?

Inflation, he insisted, is being driven by the pandemic (which largely ended over a year ago) and “Putin’s price hike.” For the record, it was April 14 last year that the White House insisted the already-developing inflation would be “transitory”; Biden & Co. kept that up through November, before switching to blaming it on corporate greed and now Putin.

The prez still refuses to take any responsibility for it himself. Never mind the $1.9 trillion he and his fellow Democrats pumped into an already hot recovery last spring, which is when US inflation took off (and Europe’s didn’t).

It can’t have anything to do with Dems’ spending, he actually argued, because “we brought the deficit down.” Lying liar: It’s down only because Congress has stopped dumping new trillions in the name of COVID relief. And Biden didn’t want it to stop: The Build Back Better bill he spent months trying to pass would’ve kept the spending party going.

And this year’s federal shortfall will still be the biggest non-pandemic one ever.

A worker exits the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery in Houston, Texas; Texas added approximately 4,000 oil field service jobs in April.
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He won’t even own his war on domestic energy: He bragged that the nation pumped more oil in his first year than in President Donald Trump’s. Too bad it still hasn’t met the production of Trump’s last year, before Biden took over. He pitched more malarkey by talking about “unused drilling permits” — without noting how permits are just one step in a long process now tangled in red tape. (And what company will sink big money into that process when the administration has publicly vowed to kill the entire industry?)

The lies got downright cartoonish: Biden ludicrously claimed “ultra-MAGA Republicans” want to raise taxes and get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while his “plan” (more bits of the dead Build Back Better bill) would magically lower costs (even as companies would raise prices to cover the new corporate taxes he’d impose).

His claims about a supposed “Republican” plan already earned three Pinocchios (nearly four) from liberal Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler before Tuesday. (And what’s the deal with the silly new “ultra-MAGA” schtick? Is Biden trying to pin down the AOC vote?)

Why did the White House pitch this pack of lies as a “major policy address”? (And if it were, why send the prez out to talk in the noon hour, when next to no one would watch? Is he too tired by 9 p.m.?)

We can only conclude that Biden and his entire team are just plain out of ideas only a third of the way into his term, but refuse to even think about any new ones. They’re just going through the motions

Too bad for them a furious nation wants results.

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