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POLITICS: Is Steve Buscemi God’s gift to television in ‘Miracle Workers’?

Actor writer director producer Steve Buscemi, who has decorated TBS’ series “Miracle Workers”: “I loved most our first season where a scene took place in heaven and I played God.

“It was on the job training. A post-apocalyptic scene, set in the future. I was not like the God most people think of.”

Yeah, right. Brooklyn-born, father a sanitation worker, he said: “My wardrobe was loose-fitting. Flowing scarves. Dressed as in the ’70s. We imagined him like an aging rock star. More like an earthling worrying about doing good for the world today.”

Not exactly maybe how the Actors Studio would rehearse anyone playing The Eternal, he said: “I spoke my own way. We imagined him speaking in my usual voice. Softly. My God was a bit depressed. He thought the world’s in a terrible mess. Unsure of himself but still thinking he knows best.”

And what did Buscemi do in the second season?

“Had to change wardrobe. We went from God to s - - t.”

Hallelujah, brother.

Heard & scene

Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle lady friend run Donald’s new book op Huge $300,000 to $500,000 advances for whoever writes nice . . . And in our depressed recessed economy where’s that bread coming from who knows but somebody has it. Try for a reservation in top chef Eric Ripert’s crowded Le Bernardin . . . And today’s conversation: Joel Grey’s whisper about an aging composer: “He wrote for Shakespeare.”

Billy Joel is selling his Centre Island 20,000-square-foot Oyster Bay Harbor for $49 million.
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Pearl for sale in Oyster Bay

We already know Billy Joel’s downsizing. His Centre Island 20,000-square-foot Oyster Bay Harbor seeks a New York state of mind buyer with $49 mil cash. Guest house, bowling alley, helipad for flying to his MSG concerts. Bringing this to attention because so far no line around the block’s making any down payment on it. Plus also $625,000 a year taxes, so expect a thanks from one of our migrants.

Travel tips

Jakarta’s “sinking.” News stories report impossibilities of help because “graft threatens the best intentions in Indonesia.”

True. I lived years in that city writing Sukarno — its first president’s as-told-to-me autobio. Thousands of Dutch East Indies islands, each its own language, was Columbus’ destination when he bumped into us. 1945 Sukarno (single names are usual there) cobbled all into one country.

Graft? The prime industry. Like local ladies selling their long thick hair. First they paid the “betjak” or bicycle taxi. Next, handed out rupiah to the hair cutter’s assistant, the hair cutter, hair dealer’s assistant, hair dealer, packager, import/export person, licensee, Minister of Trade’s assistant, Minister of Trade, export licenser, then airport guy who I’d help load it onto Pan Am which flew to NYC.

In countries which had nothing, graft is the way of life.

Listen, a friend in her country house phones. Then says suddenly: “Have to hang up. A skunk’s in my backyard.”

skunk?! Forget rats, roaches, George Santos — a skunk?!

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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