Joe Biden's age problem: Letters to the Editor

POLITICS: Joe Biden’s age problem: Letters to the Editor

The Issue: A poll showing two-thirds of Democrats believe President Biden is too old for a second term.

Enough of this talk that President Biden is too old — he’s too stupid (“Not grand old party, Joe,” Sept. 5).

He was never a scholar in domestic or foreign affairs. He was never an intellectual or visionary on any subject except campaigning.

Joe has been great at one thing, and that is deceiving his constituents. It is fitting that his 40- plus years of lying to and stealing from the American public will end in a disgrace.

Raymond Fontana

Westbrook, Conn.

I’m voting for Biden for reelection in spite of his age because I want a president who’s honest, not a pathological liar; kind, not cruel; a statesman, not a con man.

One who’s empathic, not narcissistic; who will treat women and the disabled with respect, not ridicule them.

I don’t understand why any American would even consider voting for that democracy-hating, dictator-loving Donald Trump, whose only goal appears to be crowning himself president for life.

Sharon Austry

Fort Worth, Texas

For 62 years, I have voted as a loyal registered Democrat.

Today, I am a disillusioned, disheartened Democrat. My party doesn’t listen or care that not only I, but numerous Democrats like me, cannot find it within ourselves to vote for Biden. (Mind you, Donald Trump is not even a consideration for us.)

Still, the belief that we, the disenchanted, will vote for Biden to make sure Trump doesn’t win is false.

The Democratic Party is shoving Biden down our throats as he grows ever more senile and politically weak, and vacations 40% of the time.

Add to that: His irrational immigration policy is destroying cities. Corrupt behavior with his son mars his credibility. Should he become disabled, Vice President Kamala Harris would be a disastrous replacement.

The Democratic Party is embarking on a suicide mission by not offering Democrats alternative candidates.

If a decent Republican like Nikki Haley or Mike Pence becomes the GOP candidate in 2024, I, for the first time in my life, will vote Republican — as the negligent Democrats lose with Joe.

Judy Gail Krasnow

Jackson, Mich.

With the ages of both Biden and Trump being a matter of concern, Nikki Haley is suggesting mental-competency tests for politicians over 75. But why stop there?

If we tested all politicians for mental acuity, moral fiber and honesty, many could soon be unemployed.

Many occupations have a retirement age so that people can enjoy themselves before the effects of age slow them. But in reality, it is often to get rid of them before they are no longer able to do their jobs and become a drag on the business.

Although it is being discussed, these tests are not going to be voted for because of the fear that a number of politicians will be removed.

Think about who you vote for and select someone who will make the country a better place.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

Only two-thirds of the Democrats feel Joe Biden is too old?

I’m not sure what the other third is smoking, but it’s plain as day: Biden is in the throes of some sort of mental breakdown, and his babbling and tripping earmark his decline.

Father Time can be very cruel, and Joe’s inane actions are a prime example of that cruelty. The fact that one-third of Democrats think he’s fine to run again is scarier than Joe.

Kevin Judge

Naples, Fla.

I am so tired of hearing that Biden should not be president because of his age. No. Numbers do not matter. Warren Buffet is successfully running a company at the age of 93.

Biden has a brain problem. Over the years, I have seen him on TV, saying embarrassing gaffes. This could happen when you are 60. It is not age but an illness. You can be 60 and have dementia.

He should not be president because his directives are killing this once-beautiful country.

Someday, there will be a tell-all book, and we will know who exactly was running the White House.

Bunny Abraham


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